Snowmass on the Pacific - KITP

Coordinators: Michael Peskin, LianTao Wang, Yuval Grossman, Tim Tait

Scientific Advisors: Marcela Carena, Jonathan Feng, JoAnne Hewett, Stefano Profumo, Eva Silverstein

This year, the US high energy physics community is carrying out a study of its future directions and proposals for new experimental facilities.  This study, called Snowmass 2013, follows previous such studies that have taken place about once each decade.  In 2013, the study is organized as a series of topical meetings and study groups,  culminating in a community meeting at the University of Minnesota in early August. The topical meetings emphasize different experimental approaches---studies with high-energy colliders, searches for rare processes, and probes of cosmology.  To complement these, we are organizing this conference, structured around models of possible new physics and their implications across the frontiers.  Our aim is to explore, for each type of model, its implications horizontally in all of the possible research modalities.  We hope that this meeting will encourage theorists to carry out projects relevant to the community's plans for the future.  We hope also that this meeting will provide a forum to debate where the search for new particles and interactions is headed intellectually and how this should inform our priorities for future experiments.

The meeting will include sessions on models of the Higgs boson and extended Higgs sectors, models with composite Higgs and/or extra dimensions, models of supersymmetry, grand unified models and neutrino mass, and models of a possible dark sector.