Laptop Configuration


We encourage visitors to bring their laptops to facilitate their stay at the KITP. When requested, we can provide LCD screens (approx 23") to connect to laptops. We also provide both wired and wireless access to the network. It should be noted however, that while the KITP computing staff will provide the requisite information to make minor configuration changes needed to make laptops work within this environment, we do not support visitors' laptops. Before leaving your home institution, you should ensure that your laptop has all the required software and security patches, and is appropriately configured.

Given limited staff time and resources, and given that each laptop has a unique combination of hardware, software and configuration, our assistance with laptops is limited to providing information on getting the most common platforms to connect to the KITP network.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The University of California abides by the DMCA, which means our networks are scanned for material which may be in violation of the DMCA.  When we are served with notices of suspected violations, we are obliged to request removal of the material in question from the network. Primarily this means copyrighted movies and music which have been downloaded from the internet.

If you might have such material on your laptop, please contact the Help Desk <help [at]> *before* connecting your laptop to the network.

If you have any questions about your laptop or this policy, please check with us before arriving at the KITP.

The instructions below are available for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh laptops.

Laptop Network Configuration

Laptop Network Configuration Instructions for connecting your laptop to the internet via wired (ethernet) or wireless (Airport, WiFi, 802.11b/g).

Laptop Printing Configuration

Laptop Printing Configuration Instructions for setting up printing on your laptop for the KITP printers.