A. Zee

For an updated version of my web site please visit: http://www.kitp.ucsb.edu/zee

I am a professor of theoretical physics and an author of several books for the general public and a textbook on quantum field theory.

Do you like to laugh out loud? Do you like Mysteries?

My budding career as a writer: Even Shakespeare likes my writing style!

My aborted career as a mountaineer. My foray into theater & physics, audience & reader. An introduction to the new edition of Feynman's QED. Firing a Civil War cannon.

My textbook, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell, was published by Princeton University Press.
As much fun as possible! (This could be a nice motto.)
It is often deeper to know why something is true rather than to have a proof that it is true.

I live in Santa Barbara and work in an institute by the sea. How many theoretical physicists can you identify by sight?