KITP Papers

Paper Numbersort descending Activity Title Author(s)
NSF-ITP-16-001 MBL15 Topological Protection from Random Rashba Spin-orbit Backscattering: Ballistic Transport in a Helical Luttinger Liquid
Hong-Yi Xie, Heqiu Li, Yang-Zhi Chou, Matthew S. Foster
NSF-ITP-16-002 STARS14 Galaxy Outflows Without Supernovae
Sharanya Sur, Evan Scannapieco, Eve C. Ostriker
NSF-ITP-16-003 DIR A prevalence of dynamo-generated magnetic fields in the cores of intermediate-mass stars
Dennis Stello, Matteo Cantiello, Jim Fuller, Daniel Huber, Rafael A. García, Timothy R. Bedding, Lars Bildsten, Victor Silva Aguirre
NSF-ITP-16-004 LATTICEQCD15 Strongly interacting dynamics and the search for new physics at the LHC
Thomas Appelquist, Richard C. Brower, George T. Fleming, Anna Hasenfratz, Xiao-Yong Jin, Joe Kiskis, Ethan T. Neil, James C. Osborn, Claudio Rebbi, Enrico Rinaldi, David Schaich, Pavlos Vranas, Evan Weinberg, Oliver Witzel
NSF-ITP-16-005 GM Bulk Reconstruction in the Entanglement Wedge in AdS/CFT
Xi Dong, Daniel Harlow, Aron C. Wall
NSF-ITP-16-006 DENSELIGHT15 A master equation for high-precision spectroscopy
Andreas Alexander Buchheit, Giovanna Morigi
NSF-ITP-16-007 DENSELIGHT15 Height-hexatic phase and clock order of two-dimensional Coulomb crystals
Daniel Podolsky, Efrat Shimshoni, Giovanna Morigi, Shmuel Fishman
NSF-ITP-16-008 DENSELIGHT15 From the classical to the quantum Kibble-Zurek scaling
Pietro Silvi, Giovanna Morigi, Tommaso Calarco, Simone Montangero
NSF-ITP-16-009 LSMATTER15 Interacting weak topological insulators and their transition to Dirac semimetal phases
Gang Li, Werner Hanke, Giorgio Sangiovanni, Björn Trauzettel
NSF-ITP-16-010 GALARCHEO15 Weakened magnetic braking as the origin of anomalously rapid rotation in old field stars
Jennifer L. van Saders, Tugdual Ceillier, Travis S. Metcalfe, Victor Silva aguirre, Marc H. Pinsonneault, Rafael A. García, Savita Mathur, Guy R. Davies
NSF-ITP-16-011 DENSELIGHT15 Parity oscillations and photon correlation functions in the Z2/U(1) Dicke model at a finite number of atoms or qubits
Yu Yi-Xiang, Jinwu Ye, CunLin Zhang
NSF-ITP-16-012 DENSELIGHT15 Hubbard model with Rashba or Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling and Rotated Anti-ferromagnetic Heisenberg Model
Fadi Sun, Jinwu Ye, Wu-Ming Liu
NSF-ITP-16-013 DENSELIGHT15 Classification of magnons in Rotated Ferromagnetic Heisenberg model and their competing responses in transverse fields
Fadi Sun, Jinwu Ye, Wu-Ming Liu
NSF-ITP-16-014 GM Induced Gravity II: Grand Unified Theories
Martin B Einhorn, D R Timothy Jones
NSF-ITP-16-015 QGRAVITY15 SN2015L: a rotating black hole losing its charm?
Maurice van Putten, Della Valle
NSF-ITP-16-016 QGRAVITY15 A new estimator of the deceleration parameter from galaxy rotation curves
Maurice van Putten
NSF-ITP-16-018 EVOPLANETS15 Revised Masses and Densities of the Planets around Kepler-10
Lauren M. Weiss, Leslie A. Rogers, Howard T. Isaacson, Eric Agol, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Jason F. Rowe, David Kipping, Benjamin J. Fulton, Jack J. Lissauer, Andrew W. Howard, Daniel Fabrycky
NSF-ITP-16-019 SHEETS16 Isometric immersions, energy minimization and self-similar buckling in non-Euclidean elastic sheets
John Gemmer, Eran Sharon, Toby Shearman, Shankar C. Venkataramani
NSF-ITP-16-020 CLUSTERS09 Globular cluster formation efficiencies from black-hole X-ray binary feedback
Stephen Justham, Eric W. Peng, Kevin Schawinski
NSF-ITP-16-021 EVOCELL15 A kinetic theory for age-structured stochastic birth-death processes
Chris D. Greenman, Tom Chou
NSF-ITP-16-022 EVOCELL15 A hierarchical kinetic theory of birth, death, and fission in age-structured interacting populations
Tom Chou, Chris D Greenman
NSF-ITP-16-024 EVOCELL15 Cell Biology by the Numbers (book)
Ron Milo, Rob Phillips
NSF-ITP-16-025 EVOCELL15 Theory in Biology: Figure 1 or Figure 7?
Rob Phillips
NSF-ITP-16-026 GM Emergent Conformal Symmetry of Quantum Hall States on Singular surfaces
M. Laskin, Y. H. Chiu, T. Can, P. Wiegmann
NSF-ITP-16-027 SHEETS16 Isometric immersions, energy minimization and self-similar buckling in non-Euclidean elastic sheets
John Gemmer, Eran Sharon, Toby Shearman, Shankar C. Venkataramani
NSF-ITP-16-028 SHEETS16 Symmetry and Size of Membrane Protein Polyhedral Nanoparticles
Di Li, Osman Kahraman, Christoph A. Haselwandter
NSF-ITP-16-029 SHEETS16 Stochastic Single-Molecule Dynamics of Synaptic Membrane Protein Domains
Christoph Haselwandter
NSF-ITP-16-030 RANDOMKPZ16 Extreme current fluctuations of boundary-driven systems in the large-N limit
Yongjoo Baek, Yariv Kafri, Vivien Lecomte
NSF-ITP-16-031 GALARCHEO15 Stellar population synthesis based modelling of the Milky Way using asteroseismology of 13000 Kepler red giants
Sanjib Sharma, Dennis Stello, Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Daniel Huber, Timothy R. Bedding
NSF-ITP-16-032 LHC16 ManeParse: a set of Mathematica packages for calculating Parton Distribution Functions
D. B. Clark, E. Godat, F. I. Olness
NSF-ITP-16-033 LHC16 Vector boson production in pPb and PbPb collisions at the LHC and its impact on nCTEQ15 PDFs
A. Kusina, F. Lyonnet, D. B. Clark, E. Godat, T. Jeˇzo, K. Kovaˇr ́ık, F. I. Olness, I. Schienbein, J. Y. Yu
NSF-ITP-16-034 RANDOMKPZ16 Nontrivial rheological exponents in sheared yield stress fluids
Elisabeth Agoritsas, Kirsten Martens
NSF-ITP-16-035 SHEETS16 Frank Kasper Phases of Squishable Spheres and Optimal Cell Models (commentary)
Greg Grason
NSF-ITP-16-036 SHEETS16 Shape selection of surface-bound helical filaments: biopolymers on curved membranes
D. A. Quint, A. Gopinathan, G. M. Grason
NSF-ITP-16-037 SHEETS16 Geometrically-frustrated assemblies
Greg Grason
NSF-ITP-16-038 IRONIC14 High-temperature superconductivity in iron pnictides and chalcogenides
Qimiao Si, Rong Yu, Elihu Abrahams
NSF-ITP-16-039 LHC16 CP-even scalar boson production via gluon fusion at the LHC
Charalampos Anastasiou, Claude Duhr, Falko Dulat, Elisabetta Furlan, Thomas Gehrmann, Franz Herzog, Achilleas Lazopoulos, Bernhard Mistlberger
NSF-ITP-16-040 LHC16 Higgs boson pair production in gluon fusion at NLO with full top-quark mass dependence
S. Borowka, N. Greiner, G. Heinrich, S.P. Jones, M. Kerner, J. Schlenk, U. Schubert, T. Zirke
NSF-ITP-16-041 EXPERLHC16 Multi-channel assault on natural supersymmetry at the high luminosity LHC
Howard Baer, Vernon Barger, Michael Savoy, Xerxes Tata
NSF-ITP-16-042 EXPERLHC16 Color-octet Companions of a 750 GeV Heavy Pion
Yang Bai, Vernon Barger, Joshua Berger
NSF-ITP-16-043 SHEETS16 Transformable topological mechanical metamaterials
D. Zeb Rocklin, Shangnan Zhou, Kai Sun, Xiaoming Mao
NSF-ITP-16-044 FOLLOWONB15 Selection of direction of the ordered moments in Na2IrO3 and α−RuCl3
Yuriy Sizyuk, Peter Woelfle, Natalia B. Perkins
NSF-ITP-16-045 FOLLOWONB15 The free energy of anisotropic quantum spin systems: Functional integral representation
Peter Woelfle, Natalia B Perkins, Yuriy Sizyuk
NSF-ITP-16-046 LHC16 W±Z production at hadron colliders in NNLO QCD
Massimiliano Grazzini, Stefan Kallweit, Dirk Rathlev, Marius Wiesemann
NSF-ITP-16-047 LHC16 W+W− production at the LHC: fiducial cross sections and distributions in NNLO QCD
Massimiliano Grazzini, Stefan Kallweit, Stefano Pozzorini, Dirk Rathlev, Marius Wiesemann
NSF-ITP-16-048 EXPERLHC16 Partially Natural Two Higgs Doublet Models
Patrick Draper, Howard E. Haber, Joshua T. Ruderman
NSF-ITP-16-049 DENSELIGHT15 Stripe melting, a transition between weak and strong symmetry protected topological phases
Yizhi You, Yi-Zhuang You
NSF-ITP-16-050 SUPERBUGS14 The value of monitoring to control evolving populations
Andrej Fischer, Ignacio Vazquez-Garcia, Ville Mustonen
NSF-ITP-16-051 ENTANGLED15 Bit threads and holographic entanglement
Michael Freedman, Matthew Headrick
NSF-ITP-16-052 SYNQUANT16 Spin-catalyzed hopping conductivity in disordered strongly interacting quantum wires
Siddharth A. Parameswaran, Sarang Gopalakrishnan
NSF-ITP-16-053 SHEETS16 Auto-chemotaxis, nonlinearity and shochasticity in advancing epithelia
Martine Ben Amar, Carlo Bianca
NSF-ITP-16-054 LHC16 Single-inclusive jet production in electron-nucleon collisions through next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative QCD
Gabriel Abelof, Radja Boughezal, Xiaohui Liu, Frank Petriello
NSF-ITP-16-055 GM 14N NMR Spectroscopy Study of Binding Interaction between Sodium Azide and Hydrated Fullerene
Tamar Chachibaia
NSF-ITP-16-056 GRADFLW An operator basis for the Standard Model with an added scalar singlet
Ben Gripaios, Dave Sutherland
NSF-ITP-16-057 EVOCELL15 Answering evolutionary questions: A guide for mechanistic biologists
Joanna Masel, Daniel E. L. Promislow
NSF-ITP-16-058 EXPERLHC16 750 GeV Diphotons from Supersymmetry with Dirac Gauginos
Timothy Cohen, Graham D. Kribs, Ann E. Nelson, Bryan Ostdiek
NSF-ITP-16-059 EVOCELL15 The Gonium pectorale genome demonstrates co-option of cell cycle regulation during the evolution of multicellularity
Erik R. Hanschen, Tara N. Marriage, Patrick J. Ferris, Takashi Hamaji, Atsushi Toyoda, Asao Fujiyama, Rafik Neme, Hideki Noguchi, Yohei Minakuchi, Masahiro Suzuki, Hiroko Kawai-Toyooka, David R. Smith, Halle Sparks, Jaden Anderson, Robert Bakaric, Victor Luria, Amir Karger, Marc W. Kirschner, Pierre M. Durand, Richard E. Michod, Hisayoshi Nozaki, Bradley J.S.C. Olson
NSF-ITP-16-062 SHEETS16 A symmetry breaking transition in the edge/triangle network model
Charles Radin, Kui Ren, Lorenzo Sadun
NSF-ITP-16-063 EXPERLHC16 Dissecting Jets and Missing Energy Searches Using n-body Extended Simplified Models
Timothy Cohen, Matthew J. Dolan, Sonia El Hedri, James Hirschauer, Nhan Tran, Andrew Whitbeck
NSF-ITP-16-064 LHC16 Precise QCD predictions for the production of di-jet final states in deep inelastic scattering
James Currie, Thomas Gehrmann, Jan Niehues
NSF-ITP-16-065 DENSELIGHT15 Nematic quantum phase transition of composite Fermi liquids in half-filled Landau levels and their geometric response
Yizhi You, Gil Young Cho, Eduardo Fradkin
NSF-ITP-16-066 SHEETS16 Towards a unified approach in the modeling of fibrosis: A review with research perspectives
Martine Ben Amar, Carlo Bianca
NSF-ITP-16-067 LHC16 The NNLO QCD corrections to Z boson production at large transverse momentum
Aude Gehrmann-De Ridder, Thomas Gehrmann, Nigel Glover, Alexander Huss, Thomas Morgan
NSF-ITP-16-068 LHC16 Pentagon functions for scattering amplitudes
A. N. Lo Presti, T. Gehrmann, J. M. Henn
NSF-ITP-16-069 LHC16 Analytic results for planar three-loop heavy quark form factor integrals
J. M. Henn, A. V. Smirnov, V. A. Smirnov
NSF-ITP-16-070 GRADFLW Geometry defects in Bosonic symmetry protected topological phases
Yizhi You, Yi-Zhuang You
NSF-ITP-16-071 GRADFLW Dynamical Axion String, Torsion Defects in Axion Insulator and Weyl Semimetals
Yizhi You, Gil Young Cho, Taylor L. Hughes
NSF-ITP-16-073 RANDOMKPZ16 Universal correlations between shocks in the ground state of elastic interfaces in disordered media
Thimoth Thiery, Pierre Le Doussal, Kay Jorg Wiese
NSF-ITP-16-074 RANDOMKPZ16 Joint min-max distribution and Edwards-Anderson's order parameter of the circular $1 / f$-noise model
Xiangyu Cao, Pierre Le Doussal
NSF-ITP-16-075 RANDOMKPZ16 Exact short-time height distribution in 1D KPZ equation and edge fermions at high temperature
Pierre Le Doussal, Satya N. Majumdar, Alberto Rosso, Gregory Schehr,
NSF-ITP-16-076 RANDOMKPZ16 Large deviations for the height in 1D Kardar-Parisi-Zhang growth at late times
Pierre Le Doussal, Satya N. Majumdar, Gregory Schehr
NSF-ITP-16-077 LHC16 t-channel single top quark production and decay at NNLO in QCD
Edmond L. Berger, Jun Gao, Chien-Peng Yuan, and Hua Xing Zhu
NSF-ITP-16-078 RANDOMKPZ16 A new generalisation of Macdonald polynomials
Alexandr Garbali, Jan de Gier and Michael Wheeler
NSF-ITP-16-079 LSMATTER15 Strain-induced topological transition in SrRu2O6 and CaOs2O6
Masayuki Ochi, Ryotaro Arita, Nandini Trivedi, Satoshi Okamoto
NSF-ITP-16-080 LHC16 The Polynomial Form of the Scattering Equations is an H-Basis
Jorrit Bosma, Mads Sogaard, Yang Zhang
NSF-ITP-16-081 LHC16 Cross sections and differential distributions for vector-boson pair production in NNLO QCD
Massimiliano Grazzini, Stefan Kallweit, Dirk Rathlev and Marius Wiesemann
NSF-ITP-16-082 COLDUNIV16 When the universe became dusty
Carlos De Breuck
NSF-ITP-16-083 Precision gaugino mass measurements as a probe of large trilinear soft terms at ILC
Kyu Jung Bae, Howard Baer, Natsumi Nagata, Hasan Serce
NSF-ITP-16-084 LHC16 Jet production in the CoLoRFulNNLO method: event shapes in electron-positron collisions
Vittorio Del Duca, Claude Duhr, Gabor Somogyi, Zoltan Szor, Zoltan Trocsanyi, Zoltan Tulipant
NSF-ITP-16-085 QGRAVITY15 Zero modes in de Sitter background
Martin B. Einhorn, D. R. Timothy Jones
NSF-ITP-16-086 RANDOMKPZ16 ASEP(q,j) converges to the KPZ equation
Ivan Corwin, Hao Shen, Li-Cheng Tsai
NSF-ITP-16-087 COLDUNIV16 Limits on Pop III star formation with the most iron-poor stars
M. de Bennassuti, S. Salvadori, R. Schneider, R. Valiante, K. Omukai
NSF-ITP-16-088 LHC16 Summing threshold logs in a parton shower
Zoltan Nagy, Davison E. Soper
NSF-ITP-16-089 A Second Peak in Diphoton (or Diboson) Resonances
Marcela Carena, Peisi Huang, Ahmed Ismail, Ian Low, Nausheen R. Shah, Carlos E.M. Wagner
NSF-ITP-16-090 LHC16 The Higgs transverse momentum spectrum with finite quark masses beyond leading order
Fabrizio Caola, Stefano Forte, Simone Marzani, Claudio Muselli, Gherardo Vita
NSF-ITP-16-091 LHC16 Color singlet production at NNLO in MCFM
R. Boughezal, J. M. Campbell, R. K. Ellis, C. Focke, W. Giele, X. Liu, F. Petriello and C. Williams
NSF-ITP-16-092 Very Degenerate Higgsino Dark Matter
Sunghoon Jung, Eung Jin Chun, Jong-Chul Park
NSF-ITP-16-093 COLDUNIV16 A detailed framework to incorporate dust in hydrodynamical simulations
T. Grassi, S. Bovino, T. Haugboelle, D. R. G. Schleicher
NSF-ITP-16-095 COLDUNIV16 Clumpy high-z galaxies as a testbed for feedback-regulated galaxy formation
Lucio Mayer, Valentina Tamburello, Alessandro Lupi, Ben Keller, James Wadsley, Piero Madau
NSF-ITP-16-096 COLDUNIV16 Evolution of angular momentum of spiral galaxies. I. Highresolution zoom-in simulations meet observations
A. Sokolowska, P. Capelo, M. Fall, L. Mayer, S. Shen & S. Bonoli
NSF-ITP-16-097 LASERS14 Attosecond pulse characterization with coherent Rydberg wavepackets
Stefan Pabst and Jan Marcus Dahlström
NSF-ITP-16-098 GEOFLOWS13 Physical theory for near-bed turbulent particle-suspension capacity
Joris T. Eggenhuisen, Matthieu J.B. Cartigny, Jan de Leeuw
NSF-ITP-16-099 SPINTRONICS13 Static and Dynamical Properties of Antiferromagnetic Skyrmions in the Presence of Applied Current and Temperature
Joseph Barker, Oleg A. Tretiakov
NSF-ITP-16-100 LHC16 Reconstruction of Monte Carlo replicas from Hessian parton distributions
Tie-Jiun Hou, Jun Gao, Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky, Carl Schmidt, Daniel Stump, Bo-Ting Wang, Ke Ping Xie, Sayipjamal Dulat, Jon Pumplin, and C.-P. Yuan
NSF-ITP-16-101 QGRAVITY15 Smooth and fast versus instantaneous quenches in quantum field theory
Sumit R. Das, Damián A. Galante, Robert C. Myers
NSF-ITP-16-102 QGRAVITY15 Quantum Quenches in Free Field Theory: Universal Scaling at Any Rate
Sumit R. Das, Damian A. Galante, Robert C. Myers
NSF-ITP-16-103 QGRAVITY15 Comments on Jacobson’s “entanglement equilibrium and the Einstein equation”
Horacio Casini, Damian A. Galante, Robert C. Myers
NSF-ITP-16-104 ENTANGLED15 Post-quench dynamics and pre-thermalization in a resonant Bose gas
Xiao Yin, Leo Radzihovsky
NSF-ITP-16-105 COLDATOMS07 Quench dynamics of a strongly interacting resonant Bose gas
Xiao Yin, Leo Radzihovsky
NSF-ITP-16-106 GRADFLW Leggett modes and multi-band superconductivity in Sr2RuO4
Wen Huang, Thomas Scaffidi, Manfred Sigrist, and Catherine Kallin
NSF-ITP-16-107 GRADFLW Strong Peak in Tc of Sr2RuO4 Under Uniaxial Pressure
Alexander Steppke, Lishan Zhao, Mark E. Barber, Thomas Scaffidi, Fabian Jerzembeck, Helge Rosner, Alexandra S. Gibbs, Yoshiteru Maeno, Steven H. Simon, Andrew P. Mackenzie, Clifford W. Hicks
NSF-ITP-16-108 GRADFLW Wave functions of symmetry-protected topological phases from conformal field theories
Thomas Scaffidi and Zohar Ringel
NSF-ITP-16-109 Quantum Skyrmions in Two-Dimensional Chiral Magnets
Rina Takashima, Hiroaki Ishizuka, Leon Balents
NSF-ITP-16-110 GRADFLW Entropy of nonextremal STU black holes: the F-invariant unveiled
Gábor Sárosi
NSF-ITP-16-111 GRADFLW Relative entropy of excited states in two dimensional conformal field theories
G. Sarosi, T. Ugajin
NSF-ITP-16-112 LHC16 A Study of Weak Corrections to Drell-Yan, Top-quark pair and Di-jet Production at High Energies
John M. Campbell, Doreen Wackeroth, Jia Zhou
NSF-ITP-16-113 LHC16 On the ultimate uncertainty of the top quark pole mass
M. Beneke, P. Marquard, P. Nason, M. Steinhauser
NSF-ITP-16-114 LHC16 Threshold singularities, dispersion relations and fixed-order perturbative calculations
Martin Beneke, Pedro Ruiz-Femenia
NSF-ITP-16-116 Exploring Peaks and Valleys in the Diphoton Spectrum
Nathaniel Craig, Dave Sutherland, Sophie Renner
NSF-ITP-16-117 FOLLOWONB15 Magnetoelectric domain wall dynamics and its implications for magnetoelectric memory
K. D. Belashchenko, O. Tchernyshyov, Alexey A. Kovalev, O. A. Tretiakov
NSF-ITP-16-118 FOLLOWONB15 Sustained Gravity Currents in a Channel
Andrew J. Hogg, Eckart Meiburg, Mohamad M. Nasr-Azadani, Marius Ungarish
NSF-ITP-16-119 Stability of skyrmion lattices and symmetries of quasi-two-dimensional chiral magnets
Utkan Güngördü, Rabindra Nepal, Oleg A. Tretiakov, Kirill Belashchenko, Alexey A. Kovalev
NSF-ITP-16-120 Magnetoelectric domain wall dynamics and its implications for magnetoelectric memory
K. D. Belashchenko, O. Tchernyshyov, Alexey A. Kovalev, O. A. Tretiakov
NSF-ITP-16-121 Spin torque and Nernst effects in Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya ferromagnets
Alexey A. Kovalev, Vladimir Zyuzin
NSF-ITP-16-122 LHC16 Precision Studies of Observables in pp->W->l nu and pp->gamma,Z->l+l- processes at the LHC
S. Alioli, A. B. Arbuzov, D. Yu. Bardin, L. Barze, C. Bernaciak, S. G. Bondarenko, C. Carloni Calame, M. Chiesa, S. Dittmaier, G. Ferrera, D. de Florian, M. Grazzini, S. Hoeche, A. Huss, S. Jadach, L. V. Kalinovskaya, A. Karlberg, F. Krauss, Y. Li, H. Martinez, G. Montagna, A. Mueck, P. Nason, O. Nicrosini, F. Petriello, F. Piccinini, W. Placzek, S. Prestel, E. Re, A. A. Sapronov, M. Schoenherr, C. Schwinn, A. Vicini, D. Wackeroth, Z. Was, G. Zanderighi
NSF-ITP-16-123 FOLLOWONB15 Depletion of Intense Fields
D. Seipt, T. Heinzl, M. Marklund, S. S. Bulanov
NSF-ITP-16-124 FOLLOWONB15 Propagation of Intense Circularly Polarized Pulses
M. Lytova, E. Lorin, A. D. Bandrauk
NSF-ITP-16-125 FOLLOWONB15 Galerkin method for unsplit 3-D Dirac equation using atomically/kinetically balanced B-spline basis
F. Fillion-Gourdeau, E. Lorin, A.D. Bandrauk
NSF-ITP-16-126 The K2 Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (EPIC) and Stellar Classifications of 138,600 Targets in Campaigns 1-8
Daniel Huber, Stephen T. Bryson, Michael R. Haas, Thomas Barclay, Geert Barentsen, Steve B. Howell, Sanjib Sharma, Dennis Stello, Susan E. Thompson
NSF-ITP-16-127 Probing the Deep End of the Milky Way with Kepler: Asteroseismic Analysis of 854 Faint Red Giants Misclassified as Cool Dwarfs
S. Mathur, R. A. Garcia, D. Huber, C. Regulo, D. Stello, P. G. Beck, K. Houmani, D. Salabert
NSF-ITP-16-128 Red giant masses and ages derived from carbon and nitrogen abundances
Marie Martig, Morgan Fouesneau, Hans-Walter Rix, Melissa Ness, Szabolcs Meszaros, D. A. Garcia-Hernandez, Marc Pinsonneault, Aldo Serenelli, Victor Silva Aguirre, Olga Zamora
NSF-ITP-16-129 Measuring the vertical age structure of the Galactic disc using asteroseismology and SAGA
L. Casagrande, V. Silva Aguirre, K.J. Schlesinger, D. Stello, D. Huber, A.M. Serenelli, R. Schoenrich, S. Cassisi, A. Pietrinferni, S. Hodgkin, A.P. Milone, S. Feltzing, M. Asplund
NSF-ITP-16-130 Protocol Dependence of the Jamming Transition
T. Bertrand, R. P. Behringer, B. Chakraborty, C. S. O'Hern, M. D. Shattuck
NSF-ITP-16-131 The Effects of Cooling Rate on Particle Rearrangement Statistics: Rapidly Cooled Glasses are more Ductile and less Reversible
Meng Fan, Minglei Wang, Kai Zhang, Yanhui Liu, Jan Schroers, Mark D. Shattuck, Corey S. O’Hern
NSF-ITP-16-132 Avalanche Statistics from Data with Low Time Resolution
Michael Leblanc, Aya Nawano, Wendelin Wright, Xiaojun Gu, Jonathan T. Uhl, Karin A Dahmen
NSF-ITP-16-133 LHC16 Electroweak precision observables and Higgs-boson signal strengths in the Standard Model and beyond: present and future
J. de Blas, M. Ciuchini, E. Franco, S. Mishima, M. Pierini, L. Reina, L. Silvestrini
NSF-ITP-16-134 RANDOMKPZ16 Quantifying Stability in Chaos
Greg Huber, Marc Pradas, Alain Pumir, Michael Wilkinson
NSF-ITP-16-135 RANDOMKPZ16 A River-Type Model for the Convergence and Divergence of Chaotic Particle Trajectories
Eli Ben-Naim, Greg Huber, Kyle Kawagoe, Marc Pradas, Alain Pumir, Michael Wilkinson
NSF-ITP-16-136 RANDOMKPZ16 Convergent Divergence in chaotic systems
Greg Huber, Marc Pradas, Alain Pumir, Michael Wilkinson
NSF-ITP-16-137 ENTANGLED15 Holographic duality between (2 + 1)-dimensional quantum anomalous Hall state and (3 + 1)-dimensional topological insulators
Yingfei Gu, Ching Hua Lee, Xueda Wen, Gil Young Cho, Shinsei Ryu and Xiao-Liang Qi
NSF-ITP-16-138 The infrared-dark dust content of high redshift galaxies
A. Ferrara, H. Hirashita, M. Ouchi, S. Fujimoto
NSF-ITP-16-139 FOLLOWONB15 An iteration based on prime and composite factors
Kyle Kawagoe, Greg Huber
NSF-ITP-16-140 NUCLEAR16 Octet Baryon Magnetic Moments from Lattice QCD: Approaching Experiment from the Three-Flavor Symmetric Point
Assumpta Parreno, Martin Savage, Brian Tiburzi, Jonas Wilhelm, Emmanuel Chang, Will Detmold, Kostas Orginos
NSF-ITP-16-141 NUCLEAR16 Finte-Volume Corrections to Electromagnetic Masses at Larger-Than-Physical Electric Charges
Matthew Matzelle and Brian Tiburzi
NSF-ITP-16-142 LSMATTER15 Quantum phase diagram of a frustrated antiferromagnet on the bilayer honeycomb lattice
Hao Zhang, Carlos A. Lamas, Marcelo Arlego, and Wolfram Brenig
NSF-ITP-16-143 LSMATTER15 Typicality approach to the optical conductivity in thermal and many-body localized phases
Robin Steinigeweg, Jacek Herbrych, Frank Pollmann, Wolfram Brenig
NSF-ITP-16-144 LSMATTER15 Thermal Transport in a one-dimensional Z2 Spin Liquid
Alexandros Metavitsiadis and Wolfram Brenig
NSF-ITP-16-145 LHC16 A non-abelian factorisation formula for next-to-soft radiation
D. Bonocore, E. Laenen, L. Magnea, L. Vernazza, C.D. White
NSF-ITP-16-146 NUCLEAR16 Permanent Electric Dipole Moments of Single-, Two-, and Three-Nucleon Systems
Andreas Wirzba, Jan Bsaisou, Andreas Nogga
NSF-ITP-16-147 SYNQUANT16 Myriad of symmetry-broken states in a system of interacting bosons on a two-leg ladder with a uniform Abelian gauge field
S. Greschner, M. Piraud, F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, T. Vekua
NSF-ITP-16-148 SYNQUANT16 One-particle density matrix characterization of many-body localization
S. Bera, T. Martynec, H. Schomerus, F. Heidrich-Meisner, J. Bardarson
NSF-ITP-16-149 SYNQUANT16 Proposal for measuring the finite-temperature Drude weight of integrable systems
C. Karrasch, T. Prosen, F. Heidrich-Meisner
NSF-ITP-16-150 NUCLEAR16 Functional renormalization group studies of nuclear and neutron matter
M. Drews, W. Weise
NSF-ITP-16-151 NUCLEAR16 Proton-proton fusion and tritium beta-decay from lattice quantum chromodynamics
Martin J. Savage, Phiala E. Shanahan, Brian C. Tiburzi, Michael L. Wagman, Frank Winter, Silas R. Beane, Emmanuel Chang, Zohreh Davoudi, William Detmold, Kostas Orginos and Assumpta Parreno
NSF-ITP-16-152 QCONTROL13 Optimizing for an arbitrary perfect entangler. II. Application
Michael H. Goerz, Giulia Gualdi, Daniel M. Reich, Christiane P. Koch, Felix Motzoi, K. Birgitta Whaley, Jiří Vala, Matthias M. Müller, Simone Montangero, Tommaso Calarco
NSF-ITP-16-153 QCONTROL13 Optimizing for an arbitrary perfect entangler. I. Functionals
Paul Watts, Jiří Vala, Matthias M. Müller, Tommaso Calarco, K. Birgitta Whaley, Daniel M. Reich, Michael H. Goerz, Christiane P. Koch
NSF-ITP-16-154 QCONTROL13 Robustness of high-fidelity Rydberg gates with single-site addressability
Michael H. Goerz, Eli J. Halperin, Jon M. Aytac, Christiane P. Koch, K. Birgitta Whaley
NSF-ITP-16-155 QCONTROL13 Optimal control theory for a unitary operation under dissipative evolution
Michael H Goerz, Daniel M Reich, Christiane P Koch
NSF-ITP-16-156 MBL15 Thermal quenches in the stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii equation: morphology of the vortex network
Michikazu Kobayashi, Leticia F. Cugliandolo
NSF-ITP-16-157 NUCLEAR16 Nuclear axial current operators to fourth order in chiral effective field theory
H. Krebs, E. Epelbaum, U.-G. Meißner
NSF-ITP-16-158 NUCLEAR16 Reconciling threshold and subthreshold expansions for pion-nucleon scattering
D. Siemens, J. Ruiz de Elvira, E. Epelbaum, M. Hoferichter, H. Krebs, B. Kubis, U.-G. Meissner
NSF-ITP-16-159 RANDOMKPZ16 Power countings versus physical scalings in disordered elastic systems - Case study of the one-dimensional interface
Elisabeth Agoritsas, Vivien Lecomte
NSF-ITP-16-160 RANDOMKPZ16 Driven interfaces: from flow to creep through model reduction
Elisabeth Agoritsas, Reinaldo García-García, Vivien Lecomte, Lev Truskinovsky, Damien Vandembroucq
NSF-ITP-16-161 SCHOLARS Competing Orders in a Dipolar Bose-Fermi Mixture on a Square Optical Lattice: Mean-Field Perspective
Jasen A. Scaramazza, Ben Kain, Hong Y. Ling
NSF-ITP-16-162 SCHOLARS Generalized Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Description of the Frohlich Polaron
Ben Kain, Hong Y. Ling
NSF-ITP-16-163 SYNQUANT16 Field-free, spin-current control of magnetization in non-collinear chiral antiferromagnets
Hiroyuki Fujita
NSF-ITP-16-164 The State-fF-The-Art Chemical Analytical Method For Detection Of Sodium Azide By 14N NMR Spectroscopy
Tamar Chachibaia, Manuel Martin Pastor
NSF-ITP-16-165 NUCLEAR16 Analytical On-shell Calculation of Low-Energy Higher Order Scattering
Barry Holstein
NSF-ITP-16-166 NUCLEAR16 Light-like Scattering in Quantum Gravity,
N. E. J. Bjerrum-Bohr, John F. Donoghue, Barry R. Holstein, Ludovic Plante, Pierre Vanhove
NSF-ITP-16-167 NUCLEAR16 Analytical Calculation of Higher Order Scattering: Massive Particles
B.R. Holstein
NSF-ITP-16-168 NUCLEAR16 Improved Method to extract Nucleon Helicity Distributions using Event Weighting
Jörg Pretz
NSF-ITP-16-169 FBS16 Quantum collision theory in flat bands
Manuel Valiente, Nikolaj Thomas Zinner
NSF-ITP-16-170 FBS16 Coherent states in projected Hilbert spaces
P. D. Drummond, M. D. Reid
NSF-ITP-16-171 FBS16 Coherent functional expansions in quantum field theory
Peter D. Drummond
NSF-ITP-16-172 FBS16 Pulsed entanglement of two optomechanical oscillators
S. Kiesewetter, R. Y. Teh, M. D. Reid, P. D. Drummond
NSF-ITP-16-173 Avalanche statistics from data with low time resolution
Michael LeBlanc, Aya Nawano, Wendelin J. Wright, Xiaojun Gu, J. T. Uhl, Karin A. Dahmen
NSF-ITP-16-174 SYNQUANT16 Quantum source-channel codes
Fernando Pastawski, Jens Eisert Henrik Wilming
NSF-ITP-16-175 SYNQUANT16 Code properties from holographic geometries
Fernando Pastawski,John Preskill
NSF-ITP-16-176 NUCLEAR16 The branching ratio ω→π+π− revisited
C. Hanhart, S. Holz, B. Kubis, A. Kupść, A. Wirzba, C. W. Xiao
NSF-ITP-16-177 TOPOQUANT16 Thermoelectric transport in junctions of Majorana and Dirac channels
Dmitriy S. Shapiro, D. E. Feldman, Alexander D. Mirlin, Alexander Shnirman
NSF-ITP-16-178 TOPOQUANT16 Encoding Orbital Angular Momentum of Lights in Magnets
Hiroyuki Fujita, Masahiro Sato
NSF-ITP-16-179 FBS16 Universality of the unitary Fermi gas: A few-body perspective
Jesper Levinsen, Pietro Massignan, Shimpei Endo, Meera M. Parish
NSF-ITP-16-180 RANDOMKPZ16 KPZ equation with correlated noise: emergent symmetries and non-universal observables
Steven Mathey, Elisabeth Agoritsas, Thomas Kloss, Vivien Lecomte, Léonie Canet
NSF-ITP-16-181 TOPOQUANT16 Loop optimization for tensor network renormalization
Shuo Yang, Zheng-Cheng Gu, and Xiao-Gang Wen
NSF-ITP-16-182 TOPOQUANT16 Classification and surface anomaly of glide symmetry protected topological phases in three dimensions
Fuyan Lu, Bowen Shi, Yuan-Ming Lu
NSF-ITP-16-183 TOPOQUANT16 Spin Topological Field Theory and Fermionic Matrix Product States
Anton Kapustin, Alex Turzillo, Minyoung You
NSF-ITP-16-184 SYNQUANT16 Tuning across Universalities with a Driven Open Condensate
A. Zamora, L. M. Sieberer, K. Dunnett, S. Diehl, and M. H. Szymanska
NSF-ITP-16-185 SCHOLARS Probing light mediators at ultra-low threshold energies with reactors
James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Shu Liao, Jayden L. Newstead, Louis E. Strigari, Joel W. Walker
NSF-ITP-16-186 TOPOQUANT16 Fractionalized exciton Fermi surfaces and condensates in two-component quantized Hall states
Maissam Barkeshli, Chetan Nayak, Zlatko Papic, Andrea Young, Michael Zaletel
NSF-ITP-16-187 TOPOQUANT16 Signatures of Dirac cones in a DMRG study of the Kagome Heisenberg model
Yin-Chen He, Michael P. Zaletel, Masaki Oshikawa, Frank Pollmann
NSF-ITP-16-188 NUCLEAR16 Effective forces between quantum bound states
Alexander Rokash, Evgeny Epelbaum, Hermann Krebs, Dean Lee
NSF-ITP-16-189 EVOPLANETS15 Modeling the early evolution of Vesta
Marie Weisfeiler, Donald L. Turcotte, and Louise H. Kelogg
NSF-ITP-16-190 SYNQUANT16 Libration of strongly-oriented polar molecules inside a superfluid
E. S. Redchenko, Mikhail Lemeshko
NSF-ITP-16-191 SYNQUANT16 Quasiparticle approach to molecules interacting with quantum solvents
Mikhail Lemeshko
NSF-ITP-16-192 FBS16 A Hamiltonian for the inclusion of spin effects in long-range Rydberg molecules
Matthew T Eiles, Chris H Greene
NSF-ITP-16-193 LSMATTER15 Chiral spin liquids in triangular lattice SU(N) fermionic Mott insulators with artificial gauge fields
Pierre Nataf, Miklós Lajkó, Alexander Wietek, Karlo Penc, Frédéric Mila, Andreas M. Läuchli
NSF-ITP-16-194 TOPOQUANT16 Reflection and time reversal symmetry enriched topological phases of matter: path integrals, non-orientable manifolds, and anomalies
Maissam Barkeshli, Parsa Bonderson, Chao-Ming Jian, Meng Cheng, Kevin Walker
NSF-ITP-16-195 GM Non-Hookean statistical mechanics of clamped graphene ribbons
Mark J. Bowick, Andrej Kosmrlj, David R. Nelson, Rastko Sknepnek
NSF-ITP-16-196 GM Shapes and singularities in triatic liquid crystal vesicles
Mark J. Bowick, O. V. Manyuhina, F. Serafin
NSF-ITP-16-197 GM Defect driven shapes in nematic droplets: analogies with cell division
Marco Leoni, Oksana V. Manyuhina, Mark J. Bowick, M. Cristina Marchetti
NSF-ITP-NSF-ITP-16-198 TOPOQUANT16 Designing Kitaev spin liquids in metal-organic frameworks
Masahiko G. Yamada, Hiroyuki Fujita, Masaki Oshikawa