KITP Papers

Paper Numbersort descending Activity Title Author(s)
NSF-ITP-18-001 ECOEVO17 Conflict between heterozygote advantage and hybrid incompatibility in haplodiploids (and sex chromosomes)
Ana-Hermina Ghenu, Alexandre Blanckaert, Roger K. Butlin, Jonna Kulmuni, Claudia Bank
NSF-ITP-18-002 DIR Non-Radial Pulsations in Post-Outburst Novae
William M. Wolf, Richard H. D. Townsend, Lars Bildsten
NSF-ITP-18-003 QINFO17 Resilience of scrambling measurements
Brian Swingle, Nicole Yunger Halpern
NSF-ITP-18-004 DD Nonlinear mechanics of thin frames
Michael Moshe, Suraj Shankar, Mark J. Bowick, David R. Nelson
NSF-ITP-18-005 NSMERG-M17 The First Hours of the GW170817 Kilonova and the Importance of Early Optical and Ultraviolet Observations for Constraining Emission Models
Iair Arcavi
NSF-ITP-18-006 RESURGENT17 Quantum Distillation of Hilbert Spaces, Semi-classics and Anomaly Matching
Gerald V. Dunne, Yuya Tanizaki, Mithat Unsal
NSF-ITP-18-007 RESURGENT17 Critical Points at Infinity, Non-Gaussian Effects, and Bions
Alireza Behtash, Gerald V. Dunne, Thomas Schaefer, Tin Sulejmanpasic, Mithat Unsal
NSF-ITP-18-008 SUSPENSIONS18 Orientation of plastic rearrangements in two-dimensional model glasses under shear
Alexandre Nicolas, Jörg Rottler
NSF-ITP-18-009 SCAMP17 From elliptic multiple zeta values to modular graph functions: open and closed strings at one loop
Johannes Broedel, Oliver Schlotterer, Federico Zerbini
NSF-ITP-18-010 QINFO17 Holographic second laws of black hole thermodynamics
Alice Bernamonti, Federico Galli, Robert C. Myers, Jonathan Oppenheim
NSF-ITP-18-011 GRADFLW Analytical Models of Exoplanetary Atmospheres. V. Non-gray Thermal Structure with Coherent Scattering
Gopakumar Mohandas, Martin E. Pessah, Kevin Heng
NSF-ITP-18-012 GM Quantum correlations for a simple kicked system with mixed phase space
Or Alus, Shmuel Fishman, Mark Srednicki
NSF-ITP-18-013 GALHALO17 A Role for Turbulence in Circumgalactic Precipitation
G. M. Voit
NSF-ITP-18-014 STARS17 Predicted dynamic and structural criterion of evaluation of gravitational waves and their sources
Murat Zhussupov
NSF-ITP-18-015 TRANSTURB17 Geometric decomposition of the conformation tensor in viscoelastic turbulence
Ismail Hameduddin, Charles Meneveau, Tamer A. Zaki, Dennice F. Gayme
NSF-ITP-18-016 GM Entanglement and Symmetry in CFT
J. C. Xavier, F. C. Alcaraz, G. Sierra
NSF-ITP-18-017 PM Variability of Red Supergiants in M31 from the Palomar Transient Factory
Monika D. Soraisam, Lars Bildsten, Maria R. Drout, Evan B. Bauer, Marat Gilfanov, Thomas Kupfer, Russ R. Laher, Frank Masci, Thomas A. Prince, Shrinivas R. Kulkarni, Thomas Matheson, Abhijit Saha
NSF-ITP-18-018 QINFO17 Circuit complexity for free fermions
Lucas Hackl, Robert C. Myers
NSF-ITP-18-019 QINFO17 A three-player coherent state embezzlement game
Zhengfeng Ji, Debbie Leung, Thomas Vidick
NSF-ITP-18-020 TRANSTURB17 Connection between nonlinear energy optimization and instantons
Daniel Lecoanet, Rich R. Kerswell
NSF-ITP-18-021 INTERTWINED17 Theory of the supercyclotron resonance and Hall response in anomalous 2d metals
Luca V. Delacrétaz, Sean A. Hartnoll
NSF-ITP-18-022 QINFO17 The solution of the Sixth Hilbert Problem: the Ultimate Galilean Revolution
Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano
NSF-ITP-18-023 DISKS17 The origin of the structure of large-scale magnetic fields in disc galaxies
C. J. Nixon, T. O. Hands, A. R. King, J. E. Pringle
NSF-ITP-18-024 DISKS17 Convection Enhances Magnetic Turbulence in AM CVn Accretion Disks
Matthew S. B. Coleman, Omer Blaes, Shigenobu Hirose, Peter H. Hauschildt
NSF-ITP-18-025 HEARING17 Sensing Sound Through Thalamocortical Afferent Architecture and Cortical Microcircuits
Read H.L., Reyes A.D.
NSF-ITP-18-026 DISKS17 Magnetized SASI: its mechanism and possible connection to some QPOs in XRBs
Dhang, Prasun; Sharma, Prateek; Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata
NSF-ITP-18-027 RESURGENT17 C-P-T anomaly matching in bosonic quantum field theory and spin chains
Tin Sulejmanpasic, Yuya Tanizaki
NSF-ITP-18-028 HEARING17 Why Do Hearing Aids Fail to Restore Normal Auditory Perception?
Nicholas A Lesica
NSF-ITP-18-029 GALHALO17 Some assembly required: assembly bias in massive dark matter halos
Chun Yin Ricky Chue, Neal Dalal, Martin White
NSF-ITP-18-030 TOPOQUANT16 Symmetry-Protected Topological Interfaces and Entanglement Sequences
Luiz H. Santos, Jennifer Cano, Michael Mulligan, Taylor L. Hughes
NSF-ITP-18-031 SCAMP17 Ultraviolet Properties of N = 8 Supergravity at Five Loops
Zvi Bern, John Joseph Carrasco, Wei-Ming Chen, Alex Edison, Henrik Johansson, Julio Parra-Martinez, Radu Roiban and Mao Zeng