KITP Program Suggestions

Input from the scientific community is central to determining KITP activities. We invite program suggestions in areas where KITP activities can make significant contributions. The main emphasis is on multi-month programs with 20-25 participants present at any one time. Most of KITP's programs have been on subjects which involve one or more of the areas of astrophysics, atomic physics, biological physics, condensed matter physics, elementary particle physics, gravitation, and mathematical physics. We encourage innovative ideas and are open to new areas that connect broadly to physics. The criteria for the selection of programs include intellectual significance, timeliness, experimental or observational significance, and availability of outstanding participants. Other criteria concern the broader impact of the activity, such as the potential for promoting training of students and postdocs, for broadening the participation of groups that are underrepresented in physics, and for communicating and disseminating results to the wider community of scientists and non-experts.

Preliminary decisions on programs for the year 2022-2023 will be made at the Advisory Board meeting in early February 2021. Pre-proposals should therefore be received well before this meeting and not later than November 1. "Pre-proposal" submissions need not be elaborate. Be sure that your pre-proposal includes:  

  • A title and at least two paragraphs explaining the idea
  • Names of prospective organizers who have expressed interest in working up a full proposal and serving as program coordinators
  • Some suggestions for co-organizers and key program participants
  • Most programs hold a four day conference that can accommodate up to 120 participants. Please also indicate whether you are likely to want a conference associated with your program.

Members of the advisory board will review these pre-proposals, encourage the development of promising ones into full proposals, and guide coordination of proposals in related areas. Full proposals may also be submitted from the outset. The KITP director, Lars Bildsten (805-893-3979), will be pleased to discuss ideas for programs and to answer questions you may have about the process of proposing them.

View guidelines for writing a proposal.

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