Physics 5

This is the syllabus for Physics 5, Spring 2011, at:
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It will be updated steadily as the course goes on, so please visit here frequently.

Homework assignment 8 is due Wed May 25.
Homework assignment 9 is due Friday June 3, (this is the last one).
All homework problems count equally toward your grade, even though MP doesn't look that way now.
The Final Exam takes place Monday Jun 6, 8-11am. It covers Chaps 37-44 and is closed book; you may bring two sheets of formulas and notes (both sides). You will need pencils and a calculator, but no scantron.

Professor: Douglas Eardley. Office hours are 1:30-2:30pm Fridays, Room 2329 KITP (Kohn Hall), or by appointment. Many questions can be handled by email: My email address is (always put "Phys 5" in the Subject) and my campus phone is 893-2280.

Lectures are held Mon-Wed-Fri 10:00-10:50 in Room 1640 Broida Hall. The first lecture is Monday, Mar 28, and the last lecture is Friday, Jun 3. Prerequisites: Physics 4 or 24. Recommended preparation: Mathematics 5C (may be taken concurrently) and Physics 5L (may be taken concurrently). Topics: Special relativity, blackbody radiation, Compton scattering, photoelectric effect, Bohr model, quantum mechanics, molecules, condensed matter, nuclear physics, elementary particles and cosmology.

Book: Sears and Zemansky's University Physics by Young and Freedman, available in the bookstore. Physics 1-5 all use this same book, so you probably already own a copy.

Laboratory sections: You must register separately for the lab section, as Physics 5L. Buy the Physics 5 Lab Manual in the Bookstore. Labs meet in Broida room 3324, starting Mon, Mar 28; bring your Lab Manual, calculator, etc.

The course TAs are Richard Eager <> and Michael Carilli <> for both labs and lectures. Their office hours are held the Physics Study Room (1019 Broida) where TAs are ready to help you 8am-4:30pm weekdays. To see a particular TA consult the schedule of office hours.

Grading will be approximately like this: Homework (on web) 45%, midterm exam 15%, final exam 40%. The Lab is graded separately as Physics 5L.
The Midterm Exam was returned in lecture. The class as a whole did well; out of 50 points total, the average is 41.3 points and the standard deviation is 7.7; you can see your score here.

Homework will be due Wednesdays, and must be done online a Mastering Physics (Course ID MPEARDLEY73258; we often call it MP for short).
Registering for the online homework: When you login to Mastering Physics, it will ask you for the new Course ID: enter     MPEARDLEY73258     for Physics 5.

Tutorials: CLAS is providing tutorial groups for Physics 5; check with Martin Smith

Syllabus: The course syllabus is shown below. We may adjust it slightly during the quarter, so, as always, view this course webpage frequently.

Week ofSubjectReading
Mar 28 Introduction
Apr 4 Relativity Chapter 37
Apr 11 Photons, Electrons, Atoms Chapter 38
Apr 18 Wave Nature of Particles Chapter 39
Apr 25 Quantum Mechanics Chapter 40
May 2 Atomic Structure Chapter 41
May 9 Midterm Exam
Monday May 9 in class
May 16 Molecules and Condensed Matter Chapter 42
May 23 Nuclear Physics Chapter 43
May 30 Particle Physics and Cosmology Chapter 44
Jun 6
8-11am: Final Exam

DME 5/30/11