Program Contacts

All email addresses below are followed by ""

  • Lars Bildsten – Director. Manages issues of overall policy and program development. Phone: (805) 893-3979; Email: bildsten
  • Mark Bowick – Deputy Director. Primary contact for program coordinators and for visitors with requests for date changes. Phone: (805) 893-6378; Email: bowick
  • Lisa Stewart – Chief Administrative Officer. Manages overall KITP operations, facility, budget and staffing. Phone: (805) 893-6316; Email: lisa
  • David Kaczorowski – Program Manager. Manages non-scientific aspects of KITP programs. Primary contact for participants with logistical questions and Family Fund inquiries. Phone: (805) 893-6387; Email: davidk
  • Timber Kelley – Program Assistant. Primary contact for program participants, visas and academic appointments. Phone: (805) 893-6380; Email: myvisit
  • Claudia Gutierrez – Conference Coordinator. Coordinates conferences, rapid response workshops and other events. Also handles short-term visitor invitations. Phone: (805) 893-6383; Email: kitpconf
  • Carlos Marquez – Residence Manager. Responsible for Munger Physics Residence operations. Phone: (805) 893-1137; Email: housing 
  • Tim Czerniec - Database Developer. Primary contact for questions regarding the online application system. Contact:
  • Lori Staggs - Financial Assistant. Primary contact for visitors' reimbursements. Phone: (805) 893-6313; Email: lstaggs
  • Amy Burgard - Financial Manager. Phone: (805) 893-6339; Email: amy