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Virtually every talk at KITP is captured for future use. In nearly real-time, we post all conferences, seminars, colloquia and public lectures in a variety of formats. This provides nearly instantaneous dissemination of new results, and has proven to be of permanent value for all of physics.

We post all talks in Flash, QuickTime, and 3GP (mobile), with full motion video in the first two formats, to provide access on almost any computer, smartphone, tablet, or portable player. Volume in these forms is increasing by 10% every year and now contains nearly 15,000 talks. We received over 100 million hits in 2014 and provided over 2 million PDF files.



KITP Program Wikis

KITP organizes a Wikispace for each program, which contains the schedule of talks and meetings and research profiles of program participants. This site can also serve as a place for lists of important questions, discussion topics and reference materials. Social activities and other program-specific uses are available as well.

The Coordinators are given high-level access, while all program participants are also allowed to post. As for KITP Online, these Wikispaces will be available for the foreseeable future.


KITP Papers

Manuscripts that were initiated or completed while at KITP, or benefited from your stay at KITP should be assigned a KITP Paper Number. Please complete this form to request KITP Paper Numbers for all papers resulting from your visit here, so that they may be included on our web site. Please use the same form in order to upload your publication or arXiv number and we will post it to our KITP Papers Collection page.