Guidebook for Associate Specialists and Postdocs


  1. Removal Travel: KITP will reimburse one one-way lowest cost coach air fare from your previous institution to Santa Barbara, or up to that amount, depending upon actual costs, if you choose to drive. If you drive to the KITP you must obtain a price quote for a one-way coach air fare from an authorized source before you arrive in Santa Barbara. These are easily obtained online. You will need to save all your tickets for reimbursement purposes. The KITP does not pay for any shipping costs related to your moving to Santa Barbara.
  2. Travel to Meetings: All travel requires prior approval. Each postdoc is allowed $2500 per year for travel to scientific meetings. You must return to the KITP following your trip---these travel funds cannot be used toward your removal upon the completion of your appointment at the KITP. You may carry over any unspent funds to your year at the KITP. Please be aware that the University is wary of reimbursing travel packages which combine hotel and airfare. If you are considering such a package, please read the policy. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please check with Timber Kelley before you make arrangements to give a seminar at another institution. For foreign travel, see below.
  3. Foreign Travel: All travel requires prior approval. Please obtain permission from the Director as soon as you begin to plan your trip. In addition, you must make your reservations on a U.S. flag carrier in order to be reimbursed by the KITP.
  4. Travel Expensve Advances: If you are short of funds for conference registration or ticket purchases, we can arrange an advance for you. Please take into account the payment requirements for conference registrations, etc. and allow time for advances to cover them to be processed. See Amy Burgard in office 1108 for more information.
  5. Travel Reimbursements: Reimbursements of travel expenses will be paid depending upon the proper documention of those expenses. Receipts for most expenses are needed, and are essential for airfare, car rental, gas purchases, the air-bus, etc. On-line purchases of hotel rooms and travel are fine but must be properly documented with a receipt that will always be supplied. A receipt includes your name, the amount you paid, what you paid for, and how you paid for it (check, cash, credit card) and includes a date of service or sale. This is different than a confimation that will not include all of this information.


 Please check UCSB's Academic Personnel site for information on benefits. 


Colleagues: All visitors to the Institute must be officially invited by the Director. If you have a colleague whom you wish to invite to KITP for a short visit, you must obtain written approval from the Director in advance of the visit. If possible, the visitor will be given a desk at which to work.

Cost of Living Increases/Merits

Pay raises are based upon UCSB policy. Please see the Chief Administrative Officer regarding merit review eligibility, timelines, procedures, and requirements. 

Annual Report

Every year in May you will be asked to provide the Institute with a written report of your research activities during the preceding year. In addition, you will be asked for an updated publication list.

KITP Facilities

The KITP is a research facility and its space is to be used accordingly. All requests for use of the facilities, other than for research, must be directed to the director.

Office Space

Due to space limitations our postdocs share offices. Please note that the furniture in each office is intended to stay there, and should not be removed. If you require any changes, please see the Chief Administrative Officer.

Technical Manuscripts

All technical manuscripts generated while you are at KITP must be reported to us (ask Alina Gutierrez) and must include the KITP's National Science Foundation grant acknowledgment. Please make sure this information is accurately included in your manuscripts.


Visa policies are complex and changes occur frequently, so please contact the Visa Specialist as soon as possible if you need a visa or a transfer from another institution in order to work here. You also should be aware that visits to other institutions (and transferring from the KITP at the end of your appointment) may require advance planning. Please contact the Visa Specialist as soon as you begin negotiating a trip!

Shipping Expenses

Upon the completion of your appointment at the KITP, the Institute will provide up to $75 toward the cost of mailing and/or shipping your scientific books and files to your next institutional address.