Health Insurance

Non-Employee Medical Insurance

If you are visiting the institute and will not be eligible for UC benefits you will still want to be sure that you have medical insurance while you are here. Most visitors who work in the U.S will continue to be covered by their employer. If you are coming from outside the U.S. you may wish to purchase a traveler's plan in your home country.  If one is not available, we are aware of a short term insurance plan that you may wish to purchase. Please contact us for more information regarding this plan.

Medical Care

UC Employee Benefits

Health Insurance is available to all UC employees who are paid a salary and who are hired for 3 months at 100% time or 1 year at 50% time. This is not automatic. Members must initiate this within the first month of their appointment. Retirement (known here as DCP) will be withheld at the rate of 7% each month. This may be rolled over to your own retirement plan upon your departure from the Institute. Please note that these benefits are not available to those visitors who are not going on the UCSB payroll.

1. Health Insurance  Health insurance is available through the University of California at competitive rates for employees paid 100% for three months or longer and employees paid at least 50% for one year or longer.  The benefits representative can provide you with more information.  However, please be aware that the responsibility of enrolling in health insurance is yours.  You have 30 days from the day you begin working to select a health insurance plan.  If you do not enroll in a plan by that time, or if you wish to change your plan, you must wait until the next 'open enrollment period' which usually is each November.

2. Automobile Insurance  Automobile insurance through payroll deduction is available from California Casualty. Its rates are competitive.

3. Other Benefits  See the benefits representative for information about other benefits such as tax deferred savings plans, etc.  You also may make an appointment with a representative from the Benefits Office by calling x2489.