KITP Phones

Public access phones are available in three places in Kohn Hall: 1100 Lobby area, 1217 Lobby, and the Library (2301).  To dial an outside line, dial 9, then the number; on-campus numbers (including inside KITP) can be reached by dialing the last 4 digitis of the number (eg. 4111).

Making and Receiving Calls
  1. For Emergencies dial:  911
  2. to place an off-campus call, dial 9, then the number;
    eg: 9, 1 800-555-1212
  3. to dial a campus extension, simply dial the extension;
    eg: 4111
  4. incoming calls can simply dial the KITP directly;
    eg: 805-893-4111

To obtain assistance

If you have trouble direct-dialing an extension at KITP, dial 805-893-4111 (the main KITP contact line). 

For listings of available KITP extensions, see the DIRECTORY.