Remote Teaching and Meetings

KITP Remote Teaching Facility

Some faculty members have taught entire terms while visiting KITP, so if you want to stretch your participation in a research program here, consider teaching some classes remotely. To assist, the KITP has a fully equipped, high-quality remote teaching facility (room 2205.) The room is designed to make remote teaching almost as seamless as if you were in your classroom. Both PowerPoint slides and chalkboard presentations can be seen clearly by the remote class. At the same time, the lecturer can see their students on a large screen, so their reactions and questions can be clearly ascertained. Lectures can proceed normally, including interactive questions and responses. No headphones or push-to-talk microphones are required since echo-cancellation is built-in.

Two high-quality audio/video streams are established in order to allow large screen viewing of both the presenter, and in parallel, the slides/blackboard by the remote class. Simultaneously, the class is seen by the presenter on a large screen with 1920x1080 resolution. The KITP camera is aimed at the presenter and the presentation (either slides or blackboard,) so it can be easily seen by the remote side. The remote site only requires someone to point their camera for any Q&A session. The KITP side is self-contained, and can incorporate most laptops, with PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF presentations.

The remote teaching room contains a blackboard (4' x 8'), a screen, a high-definition projector, videoconferencing systems, camera, microphone, and gigabit network connections. The presenter's laptop can be plugged in via VGA connection (just like plugging in to a standard data projector) which provides a local *and* remote feed. This provides a natural feel while sending a pristine image to the remote site. Contextual cues (such as pointing to items on the screen or on the blackboard) are provided by the camera that captures both the presenter and the slide.

KITP Videoconferencing

The KITP also provides high quality remote access capability for other purposes (such as lab meetings, interviews, etc). Point to point connections can be made directly with Skype or iChat, but if you wish to use these facilities for more than two participants, or during a presentation please consult the computing director (contact info below). Program participants who need to be away from KITP during a program can give a talk and interact with the other participants if the necessary arrangements are made. Similarly, special guests or speakers who cannot attend a conference in person can use this facility to give a talk and take questions from the audience. Presentation of slides from the remote end can be accomplished, but must be arranged in advance.


Testing well in advance of the event is required because addressing any issues which arise often takes time. It is imperative that all participants in a videoconference are on a *WIRED* (not wireless) connection. The remote participant should be located at a university campus (or in a similar location) with a reliable and fast internet connection. Arrangements need to be made ahead of time in order to ensure that the remote site is capable of supporting this type of connection. If you are interested in making arrangements for a videoconference please contact the KITP Help Desk, 2205 [at]