2010 Raab Contest Winners

Simon and Diana Raab have generously supported prizes in a contest for the best secondary school science class presentations based on the 2010 KITP Teacher's Conference, on the subject of "Planets Beyond the Solar System: The New Astronomical Revolutions".

Steven BrehmerFirst Prize

Steven Brehmer
Mayo High School (retired); University of Minnesota

Download the presentation:

Second Prize (2-way tie):

Hakan Armagan
Burke High
Omaha, NE

Cheryl Harper
Greensburg Salem High School
Blairsville, PA

Download the presentation

Download the presentation

NOTE: We offer the class presentation in 2 formats: PowerPoint and PDF. The original creation was in PowerPoint. Because that file can require a long time to download and is not always fully compatible with every computer's software, we offer the alternative of a PDF file of the same material. It downloads rapidly and should be readily usable on all computer platforms. What is lost is (1) the animations sometimes provided in PowerPoint, and (2) the opportunity for you to edit the presentation easily to tailor it to any special needs you may have. Contact us if you have any questions or problems downloading the files.