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Please review the following page and select the category that addresses your specific needs. If you are still unable to find the information you need, please contact us.

  • Site Map: The site index provides a listing of the site's structure. If you're not sure about what section an item may be in or are unclear on what a site feature is called, check the site map for a comprehensive list of items.
  • Search: The search engine is a good way to locate something on the KITP site. There is also a specific search that covers just the talks.
  • Glossary: KITP Glossary.
  • Computing: The KITP Computing staff have a help desk which is staffed to assist you with computing issues. More info is available on the computing page.
  • Email Help: Use this form to send an email to the KITP computing staff help desk if you have questions regarding your KITP computer or computer account.
  • Email Webmaster: You can send an email to the webmaster with any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the KITP website.
  • Contact KITP: This is a list of people to contact for help on various topics related to the Institute.

Site Organization

The KITP site is organized into the following sub-sections:

  • For Scientists: all of the activities of the KITP including programs, conferences, public lectures, fellowships,...
  • About KITP: information about the KITP.
  • Directory: permanent members, visitors, staff.
  • Talks: most talks are recorded and made available online along with the view graphs.
  • Visitor Info: helpful info on what you need to know to make your visit to the KITP.
  • Outreach: Mostly for nonexperts; information about the KITP, its activities and its people. Outreach programs, Friends of the KITP, donor information.