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Talks Schedule


Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018

  • Auditorium 10:30AM Chaos and Order: from Strongly Correlated Systems to Black Holes

    • Emil Martinec (U Chicago) Little Strings, Long Strings, and Fuzzballs
  • Broida 3302 12:30PM High-Energy and Gravity Seminar

    • Gustavo Turiaci (UCSB) Expanding the Wormhole in SYK
  • Auditorium 02:00PM The Dynamics of Quantum Information

    • Marin Bukov (UC Berkeley) Reinforcement Learning: Introduction and Applications to Nonequilibrium Dynamics
  • Broida 1640 03:45PM Physics Colloquium
    Note: Offsite

    • Tarun Grover (UCSD) Quantum entanglement as a probe of thermalization and chaos