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Talks Schedule


Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018

  • Small Seminar Room 10:00AM Planetary Boundary Layers in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Ice on Earth and Moons

    • Greg Chini (University of New Hampshire) Asymptotically Damping a Shallow Water Wave
  • Small Seminar Room 12:00PM The Small-Scale Structure of Cold(?) Dark Matter

    • Volodymyr Takhistov (UCLA) Compact Stars as Primordial Black Hole Laboratories
    • Nassim Bozorgnia (Durham) Stellar Streams as Probes of the Dark Matter Particle Nature
  • Auditorium 01:30PM High Energy Physics at the Sensitivity Frontier

    • David McKeen (TRIUMF) 938 MeV dark matter, neutron decay, and neutron stars