Reporting and Feedback

As with any organization, especially one receiving federal funding, the KITP needs feedback from the community both to improve and develop our services and to provide data to the NSF. To facilitate this process for future site visits and reports, we have developed this webpage to allow you to upload your activity report and to complete our exit survey. We have tried to make this survey as straightforward and basic as possible, so we hope you will take a few minutes and provide us with your feedback.

About the Exit Survey

We have been asked by the NSF to provide more quantitative information on the impact of our programs.  For this purpose, we need to gather some followup data on your visit and on your impression of the program.

To do this, we have set up two brief independent surveys:

  1. An Anonymous Program Evaluation Survey for collecting your opinions, and
  2. A non-anonymous Participant Interaction Survey in which we will ask you to select names of other participants with whom you have interacted during the program and to indicate the nature of the interactions. We are particularly interested in collaborations that have emerged from your participation in the program. In general, we only use this survey for bio/physics programs.

If you used a childcare provider or other services during your visit (including but not limited to daycare, nannies, and camps), it would be of great help if you would also complete the Childcare Services Questionnaire.

We are well aware of how annoying it can be to fill out surveys. This should not be onerous, and doing it is of crucial importance to our continued funding.