KITP's primary activity is to help organize topical research programs of duration from as short as two weeks to as long as five months.  Each year, hundreds of theoretical physicists and other scientists come from all over the world for varying periods of time to work on site, to meet with other experts with similar or overlapping interests, to explore new ideas and techniques, and to form new collaborations.  Conferences are often associated with these programs in order to gather relevant data or disseminate new results and to provide for interactions with additional scientists unable to come for longer periods.

Scientists can become involved in many different ways, and links to further information are provided above and in the left column.  One may apply to attend one of the future programs or register for a future conference.  Because of limitations of space and funds, participation in our programs is by invitation only, whereas our conferences are usually open to anyone interested, so long as we have room.  Those who are invited to participate in our program may request financial assistance to help defray the cost of their participation.  Those coming for extended visits who wish to bring family members can request supplementary financial assistance.

KITP sponsors special fellowships designed to provide opportunities to graduate students, recent PhD's, and faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions.

KITP is a user-facility for scientists interested in any aspect of theoretical physics, broadly defined.  We are open to ideas for new ways that our institute could stimulate research progress in forefront areas.  Please contact the director with your suggestions.