KITP Technical Support Contact Info

For assistance with computing and related issues, please submit a request for help by sending an email to: help [at]
Alternatively, you can use this form or call: (805) 893-7340. The help desk is located directly above the small seminar room, in Room 2202. Computer support is provided from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

The KITP Help Desk provides assistance with computing, talks, and related issues. 

Hours Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Email help [at] (preferred)
Phone (805) 893-7340
Office Room 2202

General Information

Visitors can be loaned a Mac OS X machine upon request. We can also supply screens for those planning to bring their own laptop.

General purpose desktop workstations are located in Room 2202. If you plan to use a laptop, you may still want to use the workstation to look up our computing help pages for assistance setting up your laptop, or for X Windows and printing. It is also possible to transfer files to the Mac workstations via the network (sftp/scp) or a USB keychain drive.  For help with MacOS in general, please refer to our MacOS help page.


If you plan to bring a laptop, be sure to read our laptop policy

Information for configuring your laptop is available for most standard platforms. KITP computing staff will provide the requisite information to make minor configuration changes needed to make laptops work within this environment, but we do not support visitors' laptops. Before leaving your home institution, you should ensure that your laptop has all the required software and is appropriately configured.


The KITP has laser printers available on both floors - in rooms 2202 and 1018.  All laser printers offer a duplex option allowing double sided printing. Please print double-sided to save paper. Please don’t send multiple copies to the queue - contact the help desk first if you have problems. 

Network Access 

Wi-Fi network access is available in Kohn Hall. If are visiting from an eduoroam participating institution, you may select eduroam as your Wi-Fi network on your device and login using your home institution’s credentials. Alternatively, you may connect to the KITP Wi-Fi network, please see your Welcome Packet for details.

If you prefer wired Ethernet access, please contact us.  Set your computer to use DHCP (auto-detect); you may have to contact the help desk to activate the port. For assistance, visit our network configuration page.


For a complete listing of KITP phone lines, see the DIRECTORY.

KITP Email Lists

Most KITP email lists are available for subscription.

  • To subscribe to list, "list", send email to: list-on [at]
  • To unsubscribe from list, "list", send email to: list-off [at]

When unsubscribing, send your email from the account which is subscribed.

Program lists are named after program acronym with lowercase letters. For example, to subscribe to the Spintronics mailing list, send email to spintr06-on [at]

Remote Teaching

For those who wish to teach at their home institutions or stay in contact with collaborators while at KITP, we have a telepresence room in Room 2205. This room makes it possible to teach and interact with the remote site almost as easily as if you were in the same room. Facilities include a projector, videoconferencing equipment, a blackboard, and phone with network ports. Please contact the help desk to make a reservation.

Other Resources

UCSB Computing Resources include the CNSI Compute Clusters and other campus resources.