On Your Day of Arrival

This checklist highlights the most important things for you to do upon your arrival at KITP. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our operation, our security system and policies in particular, and consult our “at KITP” web pages for more detailed information. Thank you.

  • DIRECTIONS & PARKINGInformation on getting here and parking. Campus parking is expensive, so please read the web page so you know how to get the best rate. For short-term parking, Lot 10 is most convenient to our building. Payment kiosks are on each floor. VIP permits (top level only) is $10 and can be used until 7:30 AM the following day. You can also pay by space for up to 4 hours.
  • CHECK-IN – When you arrive at Kohn Hall, proceed to the front office, Room 1102, to pick up your keys, coffee mug, and orientation packet. The Visitor Services assistant will give you a quick orientation to the building and KITP services.
  • REIMBURSEMENT – If you are receiving a reimbursement for local expenses and/or travel, please see the appropriate staff member as soon as possible after your arrival. Your orientation packet will direct you to the right person.
  • COMPUTING, PRINTING, EMAIL – Your orientation packet and our computing pages contain instructions on setting up internet access and printing, along with other computing and hardware resources. Please contact the help desk or call 805-893-7340 if you need assistance.
  • COFFEE/TEA – Self-serve coffee and tea are available in the downstairs kitchen. The Visitor Services Assistant, in Room 1102, can sell you espresso pods, $1.50 for a packet of two. The kitchens, on both floors, are always open so you can use the refrigerator and heat your meals. Both have filtered drinking water. Keeping the pots full and the kitchen neat is a community effort; please be considerate.
  • SECURITY – Our main entrance is located on the west side of the building, across from the Courtyard Café and Parking Lot 10. This door, like several others, is equipped with a key card reader. Weekdays, from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, you can enter through any door without your key card. After 5 PM on weekdays, and all day during weekends and holidays, you must enter through the main entrance or the door near the Simons Amphitheater, Room 1403. You must also exit through one of these doors — failure to do so will set off the alarms. Removing first-floor window screens will also set off the alarms. Please close your windows and lock your door when you leave your office for the day.
  • PHONES – Using a KITP phone to call within UCSB/KITP, just dial the four-digit extension. To call outside UCSB, dial “9” before the number; to place a long distance call, dial 9-1-area code, then the 7-digit number. To dial direct overseas, dial 9-011-country code, then the local number.

Thanks for your cooperation, and have a wonderful stay! Please let us know how we can help.