Departure FAQs

MANUSCRIPTS  Any manuscript for which the KITP's facilities are used, and any research which is started and/or completed at the KITP should acknowledge KITP's funders. We track "KITP papers" for reporting and evaluation purposes. Please report publications to us.

ACTIVITY REPORT  Please write and upload a short report that discusses your scientific activity while at the KITP.  Include a brief description of the nature of your work, any collaborations, especially any new interactions, and the titles and authors of any completed papers. If you received a hard-copy collaboration survey, please fill it out and return it to the front office.

KEYS, BOOKS, CUPS  Please return your keys and mug when you leave KITP. Please peel your name off of the mug and place it in the dishwasher. Keys should be sealed in an envelope with your name on it and put into the return key box on the wall just outside of the Front Office. KITP library books also should be returned to the library.

REIMBURSEMENT  Each visitor must visit KITP financial staff and turn in the necessary receipts in a timely manner.  Please be proactive and help us help you to receive your reimbursement on time. If you have not received your final reimbursement check by the time of your departure it will be forwarded to you when we receive it from UCSB Accounting. We will use the address you provided to our financial staff when you met to sign your paperwork.