For reimbursement for local expenses and/or travel, please see one of the financial staff as soon as possible after your arrival. If you are unsure whom to see, the Financial Assistant (Room 1104) will be able to assist or to redirect you.

For visits of less than 30 days, there will be one reimbursement for the financial commitments made in your invitation letter. This will generally be issued shortly prior to your departure. Please bring sufficient funds with you to cover your expenses, especially your entire rent. Note that, if you stay in a hotel, we will not be able to provide you with a reimbursement prior to your departure. If you live outside the US and would like to request your reimbursement via wire transfer, we will need to deduct the cost of the transfer from your reimbursement. Please contact the Financial Assistant if you have questions about a wire transfer.

For visits of more than 30 days, reimbursement checks will be issued once a month, usually around the first of the month, for the previous month, e.g., June 1 for the month of May.

Transportation Reimbursements


Bring your paid travel receipt(s) to the Conference Assistant or Financial Assistant (for visits of 1-2 or 3+ weeks, respectively) in order to initiate your travel reimbursement.

Transportation Reimbursements:

You will receive your travel reimbursement at the same time you receive your first reimbursement for local expenses. Reimbursement checks for local living expenses will be issued once a month, usually around the first of the month for those staying more than 30 days.

If driving to KITP from your home institution:

It is the policy of the University that "the reimbursement of surface transportation costs, shall not exceed the cost of airfare, based on the lowest restricted coach fare (including discounts) provided by a standard commercial air carrier, plus transportation costs to and from the terminals." In order to establish this, you need to get a price comparison for a round-trip ticket to and from your departing airport to SB. These rates will determine how much of the driving mileage and related expenses you can have reimbursed (but not to exceed the KITP's commitment). These comparison rates must be given to our Financial Manager. The ultimate decision to drive/fly always rests with the traveler, but you must provide us with this information in order to be reimbursed.

KITP can only reimburse appropriately itemized expenses. Travel "packages" offered by Internet vendors typically do not include itemized expenses. In order to ensure appropriate documentation for reimbursement, no travel to the institute should be booked through such vendors unless the traveler has confirmed that each aspect of the package will be separately itemized (e.g., itemized hotel charges, airfare, car rental, etc.).

Check Cashing

UCSB reimbursement checks can be cashed at local banks off campus — including the Wells Fargo Bank in Isla Vista, Chase Bank in Isla VistaWells Fargo Bank on Fairview, and Bank of America on Fairview. If you have difficulty, please ask for the manager.


KITP is not permitted to advance funds or purchase a ticket for you. Before coming, you will have to make arrangements to have sufficient money available.

Reimbursement Offices

  • If visiting KITP for less than 3 weeks, see the Financial Manager in Room 1108 at the end of your visit.
  • For visits 3 weeks or longer, see the Financial Assistant in Room 1104 at the beginning of your visit.