Program Pre-Proposals

Preliminary decisions on programs for the year 2024-2025 will be made at the Advisory Board meeting in early February 2023. Pre-proposals should therefore be received well before this meeting and not later November 15. "Pre-proposal" submissions need not be elaborate. Be sure that your pre-proposal includes:  

  • A title and about two paragraphs explaining the program's topic and a short rationale as to why a KITP program could help answer questions within the topic area
  • Names of prospective organizers who have expressed interest in working up a full proposal and serving as program coordinators
  • Suggestions of about twenty key program participants who reflect the diversity of your scientific community
  • One paragraph explaining how the prospective organizers will use KITP and it's resource to encourage collaboration among the participants
  • Most programs hold a four day conference that can accommodate up to 120 participants. Please indicate whether you want a conference associated with your program.
  • Full proposals are NOT required at this stage.

If you have questions about running a KITP program, read the KITP Program Policies and Planning Guide.

Deputy Director Mark Bowick will review pre-proposals as they arrive. If elements are missing from the pre-proposal, he will contact you. Members of the advisory board will review these pre-proposals starting in December. By early-January, submitters will be notified if their pre-proposals will be encouraged for development into full proposals. KITP will send instructions for writing a full proposal, as well as any Advisory Board notes, at that time. If you wish to preview the full proposal process, you can view the guidelines. The KITP director, Lars Bildsten (805-893-3979), will be pleased to discuss ideas for programs and to answer questions you may have about the process of proposing them.

Submit a pre-proposal now!