Rapid Response Workshops

Important advances in physics sometimes occur suddenly.  A surprising observation, a startling experimental discovery, or a new theoretical breakthrough could often benefit from immediate, concentrated attention.  Consequently, the KITP has initiated a program of “fast track” or “rapid response” workshops.  We invite proposals at any time from prospective organizers within the following constraints:

  • The workshop should begin within about six months of the time of the proposal.
  • The duration of the workshop should be 1-3 weeks, usually 2 weeks.
  • There should be 10-30 participants in total.

In other respects, you are limited only by your imagination!

Those interested in making such a proposal should simply fill out the  pre-proposal form. We will strive to respond to program organizers within a matter of weeks.

Some of the past such workshops are listed and linked here:

If you have any questions, please email or call (805-893-3979) the KITP Director, Lars Bildsten.

This initiative is co-sponsored by KITP and the Kavli Foundation.