As our understanding of the universe continues to grow, so basic science continues to have the capacity to transform our lives. The KITP recognizes the importance and value in sharing new ideas and the excitement of discovery with our community through a variety of programming.

Physics for the Inquiring Mind

Public Lecture Series

This very popular series of 3-4 public lectures each year takes advantage of the presence of so many distinguished scientists who come to collaborate on the most fascinating and challenging questions in their fields.

Chalk Talks

Chalk Talks

About four times a year we hold Chalk Talks for the Friends of the KITP. These special events are preceded by a light meal and refreshments and then move into our intimate Auditorium where you will hear from a leading scientist about their research.



Café KITP is a "physics café" which starts with a presentation by a speaker (a physicist) and is followed by questions and provocations facilitated by an interlocutor who inspires the audience to engage with the subject and the speaker.



The KITP hosts an exciting, one-day Teachers’ Conference each year, held in conjunction with an on-going program, designed to introduce high school science teachers to the latest discoveries and ideas.

Writer in Residence

Writers and Science

The Writer-in-Residence program, jointly sponsored by the KITP and the Kavli Foundation, hosts science writers, editors and journalists at the KITP for up to five months each year.

Art at the KITP

Art, Image and Science

Through this privately funded initiative the institute seeks to provide a dynamic crucible where non-scientists and scientists alike can explore and benefit from the vibrant relationships between art and science.