Long-Term Lodging (17+ days)

A long-term visit is one with a minimum stay of three workweeks (minimum of 17 days.) If you will be visiting KITP for at least that length of time, please complete the Housing Form. If you will visit for less than three full workweeks, please see the short-term lodging pages for instructions.

The Residence Manager will try to provide housing that matches your request as closely as possible. However, housing assignments can be affected by many factors, and the Residence Manager cannot guarantee to fulfill all requests for certain amenities.

Because many visitors find it necessary to change their plans after requesting housing, the Residence Manager generally does not make specific assignments until less than one month prior to a visitor’s arrival date. Feel free to contact the Residence Manager with any concerns or questions regarding the housing process or your particular case.

Many rentals in this area require a deposit of money to hold the reservation, and the standard practice is for rent to be paid in advance. Normally you will be required to pay the first month's rent and a cleaning/security/telephone deposit before you move in. Keep in mind that private rental providers are not equipped to accept credit cards. Rent monies must be in U.S. funds: international money orders or cashier's or traveler's checks drawn on a U.S. bank or one of its overseas affiliates. It is not acceptable to arrive at a rental and tell the provider that you cannot pay the initial rent and/or deposit until later! A rental provider may decline to accept a renter who arrives unprepared to pay rent and deposit.

Please note that KITP rental providers will provide a receipt for rent paid, but they will NOT provide a tax identification number. Please check if you are planning to seek reimbursement from your home institution as to whether they will require a tax ID.

If you will be here for one month or less, you will receive only one reimbursement check, and that will be toward the end of your visit.You must plan to bring funds for rent and living expenses. KITP cannot provide a rental for visitors who will pay at the end, not the beginnning of their visit. You cannot plan to use KITP funds for this, since KITP provides reimbursement for funds spent, not funds in advance.

Please note that, even if you leave your rental in very good condition, the owner or manager may retain part of the deposit for carpet cleaning or other cleaning services. Be sure to discuss with the owner or manager their policy for deposit refund in advance!

Private furnished rentals are not like long-term unfurnished rentals. Providers of private furnished rentals expect to be informed about all occupants of the rental in advance. It is not allowed to rent something for a single person and to invite friends or family members to sleep over on the floor or couch. Even in rentals with extra beds it is not allowed to invite overnight guests to stay (even spouses!) without the express permission of the provider. There is usually a surcharge for guests.

The location of the UCSB campus is such KITP has historically had very little housing available within walking distance of campus. This restriction will be eased with the opening of the KITP residence, which is located 1.2 miles west of Kohn Hall. It is easily accessible by foot in 25 minutes, or by bike or bus in less than 10 minutes.

Other housing options are accessible by bike and/or bus.

KITP also has the use of a small number of family student apartments for use by families, especially families with young children.

Within bicycling distance (3 - 4 miles) there is an assortment of rooms in private homes that have been used by many KITP visitors coming alone. Most offer use of the kitchen and laundry, sometimes a private bathroom and sometimes use of a bicycle. Rarely, there is a room available in Isla Vista, the student community adjacent to campus. With few exceptions, 'room' rentals are not suitable for visits by spouses. Visitors who expect a short visit by a spouse (e.g., for a weekend) should consider using a 'room' rental and using a hotel or motel for the visit by a spouse.

Other housing inventory consists of privately-owned houses, condominiums, and "guest" apartments, and also hotels or motels, scattered 4 - 12 miles from campus. The rentals are all fully furnished. Some houses and condominiums (or apartments) are offered regularly to KITP visitors, usually those staying 1 to 6 months. Others are offered by people going on sabbatical or vacation for periods of 2 to 12 months. It is not always possible to find such a specific type of rental for the exact time period of an KITP visitor's term. "Guest" apartments and cottages are often available for visits as short as one month, but many offer only limited cooking facilities, and they do not always have private phones. Another housing option is a motel or hotel, some of which offer transportation to campus. Some do offer kitchenettes. Consult the KITP website for detailed information about hotels.

All KITP rentals now offer internet access.

Visitors may not use their rental address to receive mail. Rental providers will not forward mail to visitors after their departure. Because our visitors stay for short periods and a provider may host several visitors in a year, we do not ask providers to deal with visitors' mail. Please consult the KITP mail web page for information about mail:

Also, be aware that private rentals do not allow storage of personal items and furniture for visitors in lieu of renting a storage facility. Visitors may bring clothing and personal items for use only.

The most quiet rentals are "guest" cottages and apartments that are 7 miles or farther from campus and have limited cooking facilities. Occasionally we get use of a (quiet) private apartment closer to campus, but there is less chance of one of these being available for short visits (of less than 2 months).

Most KITP rentals are not suitable for colleagues who wish to share housing. Visitors who want to share must generally use online listing resources. Also, the KITP Residence Manager cannot assist with making matches among visitors who wish to share a rental.