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Scientific discovery and new ideas are a spellbinding part of our cultural heritage - they change our view of the world and our role in it. For 30 years the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics has been at the center of this exciting process, providing renowned scientists the opportunity to share ideas, human exploration that begins with collaborative marks on a blackboard. To ensure the future of the institute's distinguished leadership, and its innovative outreach programs, the KITP looks to its friends everywhere for support and involvement at this landmark in its history.

With the primary source of operating funds for the KITP being five-year grants from the National Science Foundation, private support enabled the institute to add a new wing to address increasing demand from the international community. Such support also is critical to the KITP’s capacity for making significant impact in emerging fields, such as quantum computing, nanoscience, bioinformatics and neural networks. Philanthropic gifts help to sustain that impact, and the flexibility and excellence in programming that distinguish the institute’s leadership.

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Now you can make your gift to KITP online. Click the button below to go to our Online Giving page and use the drop-down menus to identify where you would like to direct your support. The Director's Fund option is for unrestricted support to be allocated for priorities identified by the KITP Director, such as scientific programs, the Family Fund, and a variety of community outreach and educational activities. The Endowment option directs your gift to helping to establish a critically important general endowment for the institute, securing its future and leadership at the frontiers of science. All gifts to KITP are valued for the impact they make to its leadership.

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Science at the KITP addresses questions at the very frontiers of fundamental knowledge, provoking new questions, passions and, sometimes, fierce debate. We invite you to spend evenings with some of the world’s most exciting physicists, sharing wine and conversation about emerging ideas on how the universe began, the role of dark matter, how the stars and planets are formed or the brain works, or even what is the true nature of space and time. Be a part of emerging ideas in science about our universe in a variety of events and talks.

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