KITP has several special fellowship initiatives targeted to special groups.  For further information about any of these opportunities, follow the links in the left column.

  1. Each year, KITP selects several KITP Scholars from among faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions who maintain active research in some area of theoretical physics.  These fellowships provide funding for coming to KITP for a few weeks each year over a three-year period.
  2. KITP has an active postdoctoral fellowship program, and we welcome applications from recent PhD's in appropriate subfields.  
  3. KITP sponsors Graduate Fellows that, under certain circumstances, allows a few outstanding graduate students to come here for five or six months to interact with visiting and resident scientists and to participate in the wide variety of activities that take place at KITP.  
  4. The KITP Fellows program supports a single long visit (6-8 weeks) from experimentalists, observers or theorists in physics or astronomy departments at teaching-intenstive U.S. colleges or universities designated as Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). 
  5. The KITP may be considered as a host institution for those who are applying for a Simons Fellowship in Theoretical Physics directly from the Simons Foundation. Please contact the KITP Director to discuss obtaining an approval letter to accompany your application to the Simons Foundation.