All Gender Restroom
Kohn Hall has an All Gender Restroom available at Room 1120. Everyone is able to use this locking, single stall facility, regardless of their gender identity, expression, and/or embodiment.

Changing Table
Kohn Hall has a baby changing table located in the All Gender Restroom available at Room 1120.

Lactation Space
Kohn Hall has a lactation room, a private place to breastfeed or express milk, in Room 1118. The Visitor Services Assistant (Room 1102) can provide you with a key if you'd like access during your visit.

Closed Captioning for KITP Talks
KITP virtual events have automated closed captioning available.

Audio Loops for the Hearing Impaired
In-person events are held in rooms equipped with a hearing loop system that can be directly accessed with a hearing aid (T-Coil). We can also provide assisted listening devices upon request.

Disabled Parking Permit
All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid campus permit. A Disabled placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles is not a substitute for a campus permit. If you have a Disabled placard or license plate and are an infrequent visitor to UCSB, purchase a daily or short-term permit from permit dispensers located in parking lots throughout campus. For more information, visit the campus parking website:

**If you have any questions or would like to request an accommodation that is not listed, please contact the Program Manager at**