Program Participant Visit Information

If you will be coming for less than three workweeks (< 17 days), please review our Information for Short-term Visitors.

Dear Colleague:

We are providing this information in connection with your recent letter of invitation to participate in a KITP program. We hope that your visit will be a smooth and productive one. If you have not already confirmed your attendance, please do so as soon as possible.

As you prepare for your visit, the "Visitor Info" pages will help you plan.  In particular, please note:

Things to do right away:

  1. Housing — Read the instructions on the Long-term Lodging page and and fill out the housing form. If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Manager. Do not wait for confirmation of your lodging arrangements before making your travel arrangements; your housing will be assigned to match your actual arrival and departure dates.  If you have arranged for housing yourself, please let us know together with your dates.
  2. Visa — If you are not a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident, please pay careful attention to the visa information.
    • Waiver information — If you plan to come on the waiver, please note that you now must have a Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and an ESTA authorization -- no exceptions. In order for us to reimburse you, you must obtain a W-B status when you enter the U.S.
    • If you come on the B- visa, be sure to request the B-1 status for business when you enter the U.S. so that you are able to be reimbursed for travel expenses and subsistence. If you need assistance with another type of visa, please let the Visa Specialist  know as soon as possible so that the necessary paperwork can be started.
    • If you need assistance with a J-1 visa, please let the Visa Specialist know as soon as possible so that the necessary paperwork can be started. (Plan to begin the application process at least 3 - 6 months prior to your visit at KITP.)
    • If you will have a visa (J or H) issued by another institution, please contact our Visa Specialist for instructions.

Things to do before you visit:

  1. Requesting a change to your visit dates: Most invitations start on a Monday and end on a Friday. Your invitation tacitly includes weekends or holidays surrounding your visit, but you will not be issued an entry key to the building until staff members are present. As the Director states in your letter of invitation, because of space and financial limitations, any significant change in the duration or time of your visit requires consultation with the coordinators and with us. This includes changes that would result in your participation for less than the whole period for which you are invited. Should you need to request a change in the dates of your scheduled visit, you may do so through your HERALD account.
  2. Family Fund If you will be coming for four weeks or longer and anticipate bringing children, you may apply for additional financial assistance if needed. Please read the Family Fund information.  Remember to submit the housing form before completing the Family Fund Application.
  3. Conference — If your visit coincides with the program's associated conference, you must register for the conference and pay the fee at least 30 days before it starts. Here you will find information regarding conference registration and fees.
  4. If you wish to bring a graduate student or postdoc affiliate to KITP with you — The Institute has limited space and cannot accommodate uninvited postdocs or students. Participants visiting for four weeks or longer may wish to have a postdoc or student visit; if so, please complete the Affiliate Nomination Form after you have accepted your invitation. The minimum stay for affiliates is three weeks; this period must be within the period of the advisor's participation. We will invite as many as space permits. KITP does not provide financial support for support for affiliates.
  • You also may wish to consider nominating your top student for a KITP Graduate Fellowship, for which KITP does provide financial support. The student must be willing to spend a full semester at KITP.

General information:

  • Reimbursements — If you will be visiting the KITP for a month or less, you will receive one reimbursement check just prior to your departure. We cannot advance funds, so please make any financial arrangements necessary prior to your arrival to assure that you will have sufficient funds while you are here.
  • Parking and Directions, Campus Parking Lots— Please read the parking information and follow it carefully.
  • Parking at the Residence — Short-term parking and loading/unloading is immediately adjacent to the residence, as is at least one Zip Car. The closest long-term parking lot is about 1/4 mile away.
  • Office Space — Because of the popularity of our programs, all offices must be shared by two participants.

If you have questions about alternative dates or financial arrangements, please contact the Program Manager directly.