The Art of Doing Science

This virtual conversation from KITP features a panel of early-career physicists sharing exciting insights about their work, illuminating the many ways science is done and the unexpected detours that inevitably arise on that path to achieving new breakthroughs. This series will serve, over time, to accelerate and expand our understanding of what it means to really ‘do physics’.

Past Events

The Art of Doing Science on Merging Neutron Stars

September 1, 2021 | 5:00 PM PT

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The merging neutron stars of GW170817 sent ripples out through the fabric of spacetime, producing a signal detected by Earth-based gravitational-wave observatories. The stars’ ultimate coalescence then triggered a cosmic explosion whose light was captured by traditional telescopes, making GW170817 the first event ever observed in both light and gravitational radiation. This discovery, which followed decades of preparation by the scientific community, pushed us closer to answering fundamental questions in astrophysics, such as the origin of the Universe’s heaviest elements and nature of exotic, ultra-dense neutron stars.

Featuring Panelists:

Jennifer Barnes

Postdoctoral Scholar @ KITP

Mansi M. Kasliwal

Professor of Astronomy @ Caltech

Leo P. Singer

Research Astrophysicist @ NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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