Affiliate Nomination

KITP has limited space and cannot accommodate uninvited postdocs or students, but they can participate as affiliates of their group leaders, provided the mentor is participating for 4 weeks or longer. If you wish to nominate an affiliate, complete the Affiliate Nomination Form after you have accepted your invitation. The minimum stay for affiliates is three weeks; this period must be within the period of the advisor's participation. We will invite as many as space permits. Most affiliates must be fully financially supported from other sources, usually by their mentors.

Starting with programs beginning July 16, 2024, KITP will provide up to 2 affiliates per-program a per-diem during their stay. Eligible affiliates must visit KITP a minimum of 5 weeks. Affiliates nominated for programs of less than 5 weeks must visit for their entire program. Prior to the start of a program, KITP will contact all nominated affiliates who meet the criteria with an short application for funding. Awards will be granted based on a review of the application, as well as other criteria such as length of stay, career stage, and demographic diversity.

You also may wish to consider nominating your top student for a KITP Graduate Fellowship, for which KITP does provide financial support. The student must be willing to spend a full semester at KITP.

The Affiliate Nomination Form has been moved into the Herald application system. To nominate an affiliate in Herald, please login to your Herald account and click on the blue Visit Info button next to your confirmed visit. From this page, you can access the Affiliate Nomination form by clicking on the button that says Nominate an Affiliate. Note that this button will only show for visits that satisfy the criteria for nominating an affiliate.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Manager.