Family Fund

The Rice Family Fund provides taxable grants to families staying at KITP with minor (younger than 18) children or dependent adults. Awards are made to visitors staying for 5 or more weeks during a program of 6 weeks or longer, or to those staying 4 weeks or more during a program of 4 or 5 weeks. Family Funding is not available for participants in programs that run for fewer than 4 weeks. Affilaites, graduate fellows, and KITP scholars are not eligible. 

In order to receive a family fund award, you must be able to earn income in the US. US Citizens, Permanent Residents, or those holding visas that permit the receipt of income (e.g. H–1, J–1) may accept family funding. KITP does not provide tax or immigration guidance.

KITP visitors with children 5 or under are invited to join the waitlist at UCSB Early Childhood Daycare. UCSB Daycare notifies people if they’ve been accepted off of the waitlist about 1 month prior to the start of their program.

KITP provides family support based on the availability of funds an at its own discretion, but most support is offered according to these schedules:

5 week stays (minimum for programs of 6 weeks or more)

Number of minor children or dependents US Citizen or Permanent Resident J–1 Visa Holder
1 $2,000 $2,500
2 $2,500 $3,000
3 or more $3,000 $3,500

4 week stays (minimum for programs of 4 to 5 weeks)

Number of minor children or dependents US Citizen or Permanent Resident J–1 Visa Holder
1 $1,500 $2,000
2 $2,000 $3,000
3 or more $2,500 $3,500

Internal Revenue Service forms and publications.

Here are some special pages or publications related to Family Fund Fellowships. For tax purposes, they are like awards or grants, not like gifts.

We strongly recommend consulting with a tax advisor before coming to the U.S. KITP cannot provide tax advice.


If you receive a Family Fund fellowship and are not a U.S. citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident, you will receive an email asking you to log into GLACIER. GLACIER will take you through a series of questions that will determine your tax liability on the grant and provide you with forms to be completed and returned to us.

When you log into GLACIER, you will be asked your relationship to the University; this should be "Scholarship/Fellowship recipient." The type of payment you are receiving is a "Scholarship/fellowship (non-service)." The amount you need to list as receiving (if asked) is the amount of the family fund fellowship. This amount should not include reimbursements for actual expenses (e.g., lodging, airfare, and rental car).

If you are only receiving reimbursements, you will not have to complete GLACIER.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Manager.