The Physics of Higher Temperature Superconductivity

Coordinators: Malcolm R. Beasley, Eduardo H. Fradkin, Douglas J. Scalapino

There is a growing consensus that new higher temperature superconductors are needed for technology and that such materials can be found. Still the questions remain: Are very high temperature superconductors possible; if so, under what conditions, and what are their likely properties? What are potential mechanisms of higher temperature superconductivity, and are they on an adequate theoretical foundation? What structures and what constituents are necessary? What can we learn from the new and older classes of high temperature superconductors? Can new paradigms be developed to guide in the search for new superconductors?

In seeking answers to these questions, the program is intended to provide an interactive venue for theoretical physicists, experimental materials physicists and synthetic materials chemists.

In association with this program, there will be a conference entitled "Critical Issues Related to Higher Temperature Superconductors" to be held at KITP from June 22 to 26, 2009 that is intended to provide a review of the present state of higher temperature superconductivity with the aim of defining critical open questions.