Stellar Death and Supernovae

Coordinators: Lars Bildsten, Shrinivas R. Kulkarni, Brian Paul Schmidt, John Craig Wheeler

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A week-long KITP conference (August 17-21, 2009) timed to take advantage of new observational results and theoretical progress on the many ways that stars can die. Many supernovae surveys will be yielding new data-sets by Fall 2009, making the conference well timed for exciting announcements.

This event coincides with Bob Kirshner’s 60th birthday, and one day of the conference will be in his honor.

Stellar death remains an important scientific frontier with impact across all of astrophysics. Starting with the formation of white dwarfs, and their important role in thermonuclear supernovae, stars of initial masses as low as that of the sun play an important role in this conference. The rich diversity of outcomes for massive stars, from Type IIP supernovae, to fully stripped Type Ib/Ic and gamma-ray bursts remains a field of active investigation. Even the final products of some of these core collapses (i.e. a neutron star or a black hole) remains an open debate. We will also discuss recent theoretical and observational work on Type Ia SN, an important class for Cosmology, but also in revealing new paths to explosions in both young and old stellar populations.

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