Nonlinear Processes in Astrophysical Plasmas: Particle Acceleration, Magnetic Field Amplification, and Radiation Signatures

Coordinators: Don Ellison, Stefan Funk, Anatoly Spitkovsky

Scientific Advisors: Matthew G. Baring, Pasquale Blasi, Andrey Mikhailovich Bykov

Particle acceleration in shocks is the cornerstone of our interpretation of many nonthermal astrophysical sources. Due to the intrinsic plasma nonlinearities, the acceleration process and its associated phenomena, such as the generation of magnetic fields are notoriously difficult to unravel. However, the influx of new data and the development of new numerical and analytical tools make it an opportune time to reconsider the progress. This conference will address recent achievements and challenges in understanding nonlinear phenomena associated with astrophysical plasmas. The subjects will include:

  1. Particle acceleration in astrophysical shocks, and the nonlinear feedback of particle acceleration on shock structure and evolution.
  2. Processes leading to the amplification and generation of magnetic fields.
  3. Results and methods of simulation of nonlinear plasma phenomena, including kinetic, hybrid, MHD and test-particle approaches.
  4. Observational inferences and consequences of nonlinear plasma behavior, including supernova remnants, pulsar winds, AGNs, cluster shocks and Gamma-ray bursts.
  5. Recent results from high-energy missions and telescopes.

The conference format leaves plenty of time for discussion through long coffee and lunch breaks, and discussion sessions at the end of each day.

For more information, e-mail coordinator Anatoly Spitkovsky