Black Holes and Information

Coordinators: Vijay Balasubramanian, Alex Maloney, Don Marolf, Joan Simon

Scientific Advisors: Joseph Polchinski, Theodore Jacobson

The physics of black holes and the resolution of the information paradox remain among the deepest mysteries in theoretical physics. In addition to their intrinsic interest, many arguments suggest that these issues are intimately related to the emergence of locality, causality, and even spacetime itself from some more fundamental description.

Black Holes and information will focus on such relations, and in particular on the notion of 'holography' which has played a crucial role in many recent developments. The conference will also explore extensions of these ideas to new settings, and the corresponding implications. Central questions include the implications of holography for cosmology, the holographic understanding of time and closed universes, and the microscopic interpretation of observer-dependent horizons (e.g., in inflating spacetimes).

The conference will bring together a diverse group of researchers to discuss these important issues, with the goal of exchanging ideas and seeding scientific collaborations. Participants will include experts in  string theory and classical General Relativity,  researchers working in quantum information theory and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, and theorists interested in strongly coupled field theories and the AdS/CFT correspondence.