Physics and Mathematics of Cancer

Coordinators: Robijn Bruinsma , Jean-Francois Joanny, Arnold Levine, Fuyu Tamanoi

Scientific Advisors: Larry Nagahara

This program will be focused on physical and mathematical models of tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis, as well as the development of new physical probes of cancers.  Theoretical physicists and mathematicians will join with prominent molecular biologists and oncologists, who will give overview talks.  Particular topics that will be emphasized include genetic changes, signal transduction, tumor microenvironment and metabolic changes of cancer.  Finally, the National Cancer Institute has recently established twelve physical oncology centers. One of the aims of the workshop is that it should serve as a platform for the discussion of ongoing projects in these centers, as well as an opportunity to discuss new results and concepts.

The workshop will begin with a series of review lectures by Arnold Levine.  This will be followed by focus topics:

  • Cell Signaling in Cancer Cells and Microenvironment.
  • Chromatin and Chromosomal Damage of Cancer Cells.
  • Continuum Theories and Stochastic Models of Tumor/Tissue Growth; Metabolism.
  • Mutations, Micro-evolution, and Multi-Stage Models.

There are additional details about these topics available here (PDF).