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The Biological Future of Theoretical Physics

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The search for Nature’s fundamental laws has been the bread and butter of theoretical physics for hundreds of years. But what will theoretical physics look like in 100 years? In 1000 years? Despite recent progress in particle physics and cosmology, there are good reasons to believe that this hunt will run up against limits, both intellectual and social, long before then. What is to be done? There is a different kind of theoretical physics, challenging and important and more‑or-less neglected, and Dr. Callan will argue this new type of physics will dominate the attention of physicists in the future. “Physics of Living Matter” is one way to describe it, and he will take you through the advances that are paving this new path for the next generation of theoretical physicists.

About the Speaker

CURT CALLAN was trained as a theoretical particle physicist at Princeton University. After holding positions at a number of institutions including Harvard, and the Institute for Advanced Study, he returned to Princeton University, where he is now the J. S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Physics. His work has evolved from studying quantum field theory to string theory and, in recent years, to biological physics. He has been active in leading the physics community, including serving as the President of the American Physical Society, and in his work advising the US government on the implications of physics. His honors include the 2000 Sakurai Medal and the 2004 Dirac Prize.