Dark matter detection and detectability: paradigm confirmation or shift?

Coordinators: Laura Baudis, Mike Boylan-Kolchin, and Simona Murgia

Scientific Advisors: Graciela Gelmini, Julio Navarro, and Wilson Poon

The search for dark matter---one of the pillars of current cosmological thought---has entered a new phase. Direct detection experiments have so far come up largely empty-handed, the largest particle accelerators have shown no convincing departures from the Standard Model, high-energy astrophysics has provided conflicting clues that have proved difficult to interpret, and kinematic measurements have signaled the possibility of a breakdown of the Lambda Cold Dark Matter paradigm on the scale of the smallest galaxies. These are all contentious issues where consensus has not yet been reached, but have encouraged discussion on whether the detection of dark matter might actually be beyond experimental reach, whether we should reevaluate search strategies, or perhaps, start considering theories, once heretical, which question the validity of general relativity. These are issues that appeal to theoretical physicists, particle astrophysicists, and astronomers alike. This conference aims to bring together these diverse communities to discuss the state of the art in dark matter searches and the health of the LCDM paradigm on the smallest scales.