Realistic Theories of CEM

Coordinators: Ole Krogh Andersen, Gabriel B. Kotliar, Alexander J. Lichtenstein

This conference will focus on several classes of the strongly correlated electron materials, including: transition metals and their oxides, cuprate superconductors, rare earths, actinides and their compounds, as well as organic conductors. The emphasis will be put on key open issues in the physics of these various materials. Recent theoretical advances will also be a main theme of the conference, including methods combining many-body techniques and electronic structure calculations, as well as numerical methods addressing strong-coupling effects of electron-electron interactions.

For a list of speakers and talk titles, see the schedule.

For further information about the scientific aspects of the conference and/or presenting new results, please feel free to contact Antoine Georges( For logistic details, please contact the KITP Administrative Coordinator, Sue Alemdar(sue @

Attendance at the conference is limited. Registration can be filled out on the KITP web site by following the "register" link at the top of this page.

We will have plenty of space for posters. Just let us know that you are bringing one.