Dynamics of Complex and Macromolecular Fluids

Coordinators: Ronald G. Larson, Fred MacKintosh, T.C. B. McLeish, David C. Morse


Although discussion of any problem in the programme area is welcome at any time, we have modulated thematic emphasis over the five month period in both subject and personnel. We hope that this will concentrate minds, and also make it easier for short-term participants to choose their periods of stay.

The themes are flagged by four focussed "intensive periods", during which seminars will be every day, and other activities may be more structured. Each intensive period lasts TWO WEEKS. Below we give the Monday dates at the start of these periods.

Feb 25thPersistent Polymers and Biopolymers
Mar 25thSurfactant Systems
Apr 22ndEntangled Polymers
May 13thMesophases(of e.g. block copolymers and LCPs)

Further information on these intensive periods will be found on linked pages in the course of time.

As a daily point of contact, we suggest that programme participants meet for coffee in the Founders\' Room at 10.00am. Some days this will take the form of an informal seminar, at other times it will just be a chance to chat.