Biological Physics of Chromosomes

Coordinators: Ralf Everaers, Alexander Grosberg, and Alexandra Zidovska

Scientific Advisors: Job Dekker

KITP and the program coordinators will be delivering remote talk sessions to this program's participants. 

Recent advances in chromatin biology have provided us with a detailed static picture of the 3D folding of the human genome inside the cell nucleus. This has sparked many efforts by both physicists and biologists, experimentalists and theoreticians alike, attempting to understand the functional folding of the genome within the concepts of polymer physics and statistical mechanics, while connecting to its biological functions, and reconciling with its dynamic nature. These efforts have led to the development of new experimental methods as well as theoretical models exploring the physics and biology of chromosomes. This program will provide an interdisciplinary platform, where researchers from physics and biology, experiment and theory, can interact with a common goal in mind. We anticipate that such interactions will not only strengthen current efforts in chromosome research at the interface of physics and biology, but also foster future collaborations, leading to new discoveries.