Cosmic Signals of Dark Matter Physics: New Synergies

Coordinators: Kimberly Boddy, Ferah Munsh, Ethan Nadler, and Annika Peter

Observables spanning a wide range of cosmic epochs and length-scales independently testify to the existence of dark matter. Although little is known about the microphysical nature of dark matter, its mere existence points to physics beyond the Standard Model. New developments in theory, cosmological simulations, and observational capabilities in the era of large surveys have opened up a vast landscape for dark matter discovery, which includes models that can only be tested by astrophysical and cosmological probes.

This conference aims to: 

  1. Overview the many different astrophysical and cosmological constraints on dark matter. 
  2. Synthesize ongoing theoretical, computational, and observational efforts to extract dark matter physics from cosmic observables
  3. Identify new synergies between particle and cosmology theorists, simulators, and astronomers working toward constraining the elusive nature of dark matter.