Water and Volatiles in the Earth's Mantle and Core

Coordinators: Louise Kellogg, Cin Ty Lee, Jackie Li, Michael Manga, Alex Navrotsky, Barbara Romanowicz

Building upon the successful 2004, 2006 and 2008 CIDER programs, this program will focus on the seismological, geodynamic, mineral physics and geochemical constraints on the distribution and role of volatiles in the earth. It will provide an overview of the state of each discipline as well as a venue for initiating and advancing new research in situ.

Weeks 1-3 of this seven-week program will provide the opportunity for groups of scientists to interact freely and will take advantage of concurrent KITP programs on the Physics of Glasses.

Weeks 4-6 will feature a tutorial program for about 35 advanced graduate students and post-docs. During weeks 4-5, multi-disciplinary lectures and hands-on labs will be the primary activity. The purpose of the tutorial part is to familiarize participants with the tools of geochemistry, geodynamics, mineral physics and seismology that can be used to unravel the properties of the Earth's interior, with a focus on the general theme of the Summer Program. In week 4, we will form multidisciplinary groups that will define focused research topics which will be further developed, in free-format workshop mode, during weeks 5-7. . This organization draws upon the successful preceding two workshops. To get a better idea of what is involved, please see the webpages of the previous summer programs, and, in particular, the PowerPoint presentations of the results of the different working groups.

For application and further information, go to the main announcement.

Support for this program is provided by the KITP and the EAR-CSEDI program of NSF.   KITP is serving as host, but please contact the coordinators directly if you require further information.