Friction, Fracture and Earthquake Physics

Coordinators: James H. Dieterich, Michael L. Falk, Mark Owen Robbins

The processes of sliding, cracking, and deformation involve complex physical processes over a range of length scales from atoms to tectonic plates. This conference will involve researchers who consider these processes both in the context of engineered systems and in the context of earthquakes. The goal of the conference is to communicate advances by researchers in physics, mechanics, materials science, seismology and geophysics across disciplines. By bringing together a diverse interdisciplinary group to explore the physical processes that control deformation, rupture and slip at all scales, we aim to identify some problems that can serve as the nexus of interdisciplinary research in this area.

Speaker list:

Ralph  Archuleta, UCSB
Jean-Louis Barrat, Lyon
Martin Bazant, MIT
Zdenek Bazant, NWU
Yehuda BenZion, USC
Noam Bernstein, NRL
Robert Blank, Wisconsin
Efim Brener, IFF Juelich
Jean  Carlson, UCSB
Demir Coker, Oklahoma
Susan Coppersmith, Wisconsin
Karin Dahmen, UIUC
Maarten DeBoer, Sandia
Giulio DiToro, Padova
Eric Dunham, UCSB
Jay Fineberg, Hebrew
Harry Green, UCR
Ruth Harris, USGS
Jacob Israelachvilli, UCSB
Alain Karma, Northeastern
Jacqueline Krim, NCSU
Raul Madariaga, ENS
Michael Marder, UT 
Julie Morgan, Rice
Alan Needleman, Brown
Maya Paczuski, Perimeter
Bo Persson, Juelich
K. Ravi-Chandar, UT 
James Rice , Harvard
Ares Rosakis, Caltech
Joerg Rottler, UBC
John Rundle, UCD
Miquel Salmeron, LLNL
Chris  Schuh, MIT
Robin Selinger, Kent State
Bruce Shaw, Columbia
Peter Sollich, Kings College
Didier Sornette, UCLA
Paul Spudich, USGS
Michael Urbakh, Tel Aviv
Sheldon Wiederhorn, NIST
Sidney Yip, MIT