Spatiotemporal Control for Probing New Many-Body Physics

Coordinators: Christiane Koch, Maciej Lewenstein, and Norman Yao

Update (4/13): This conference has been cancelled. The associated program has been postponed.

This conference will highlight the diverse applications of emerging spatio-temporal quantum control techniques as well as the novel theoretical and experimental tools being developed to advance these techniques. The implications of many-body quantum control are far-reaching: stabilizing entangled states, realizing new forms of topological order, enhanced precision measurements, guided quantum dynamics for computation, probing quantum chaos, etc. The goal of this conference will be to survey both recent experimental developments in both spatial and temporal control for analysis of many-body quantum optical systems, and recent theoretical progress, with the purpose of identifying fruitful future areas for exploration. Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to:

- Phases and transitions enabled by Floquet driving
- Applications of spatial and temporal quasi-periodicity
- Probing non-local (in both time and space) noise correlations
- Advanced certification protocols for quantum simulation
- Optimal control landscape of many-body systems
- Measurement capabilities related to entanglement entropy
- Driven and dissipative techniques for preparing entangled states

The conference will aim to foster new connections between experiment and theory by taking stock of the most recent directions, tools, and platforms and searching for unifying themes.