Planet-Star Connections in the Era of TESS and Gaia

Coordinators: Rebekah Dawson, Jim Fuller, Daniel Huber, and Katja Poppenhaeger

Stellar properties and behavior play a key role in addressing many pressing questions in exoplanet science, from breaking the stellar activity barrier for radial velocity planets to understanding how stellar environments affect planet formation and habitability. TESS and Gaia are improving stellar characterization by orders of magnitude in precision and sample size. Addressing both observations and theory, the conference will focus on recent advances in translating this new knowledge of stars into detecting and characterizing exoplanets and understanding their formation, evolution, and habitability. Members of the stellar community will share the latest results in characterizing and understanding stars, and members of the planetary community will share applications of planet-star connections and emphasize what stellar knowledge is most important in addressing open questions in exoplanet science.

PLEASE NOTE: During the conference there will be an opportunity to present a poster. If you are interested in presenting a poster please visit the conference website and submit your title and abstract. Each poster board is 4 feet high x 6 feet wide. We ask that the posters be no larger than 44 inches high x 34 inches wide at the most (it is important to follow these measurements or posters may be turned down due to limited space) . No deadline poster submission for this conference.

Poster abstracts will also be considered for contributed talks.

Confirmed invited speakers include Konstantin Batygin, Subo Dong, Courtney Dressing, Cecilia Garraffo, Dong Lai, Eve Lee, Gongjie Li, Gijs Mulders, Elisabeth Newton, James Owen, Beate Stelzer, Jamie Tayar, Willie Torres, Vincent van Eylen, Ji Wang, Angie Wolfgang, Nick Wright, and Yanqin Wu.

Session topics include:

  • Using asteroseismology to characterize host stars and improve stellar-dependent planet properties
  • Limits to stellar model physics and implications for planet characterization
  • Stellar rotation and activity: challenges and opportunities for inferring planet properties
  • Connections between planet and stellar properties and their implications for planets' formation and conditions
  • Planetary orbital dynamics and tidal evolution
  • M-dwarfs as planet hosts
  • Stellar properties and planet habitability

Submit your poster abstract. Poster abstracts will also be considered for contributed talks and for virtual posters.

Draft schedule, additional invited speakers, and additional sessions to be posted soon.