Cosmic Dawn Revealed by JWST: The Physics of the First Stars, Galaxies, and Black Holes

Coordinators: Volker Bromm, Roberto Maiolino, Brant Robertson, Rachel Somerville, and Marta Volonteri

The exploration of cosmic dawn is currently in an exceptionally exciting phase, and we expect the immediate future to be even more exciting with a new set of discoveries delivered by JWST. The observations of first stars, galaxies, and black holes with JWST and other facilities provide a unique “stress test” for a new generation of theoretical models of galaxy formation. The aim of the conference is to bring together theorists and observers to discuss the following key questions: What can we learn from JWST data on the nature of the first stars and black hole seeds? What is the nature of the stellar populations inhabiting the first galaxies? What are the star formation and chemical enrichment histories of early galaxies? Do we understand the key physical processes that shape the evolution of these early galaxies and their black holes? How can we connect the pictures derived from near-field and deep field observations?