Frontiers of Quantum Computing and Quantum Dynamics

Coordinators: Thomas Iadecola, Vedika Khemani, Sagar Vijay, and Tianci Zhou

Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics is rapidly evolving. The quantum supremacy experiment on a superconducting platform is an encouraging step towards harnessing the power of quantum computers with high-fidelity processors. It has triggered a flurry of theoretical work to better understand classically "hard" tasks in quantum dynamics whilst also improving our ability to simulate quantum many-body systems relevant to condensed matter physics. Key areas include the "monitored" dynamics of a quantum system and associated phase transitions with entanglement as an order parameter, the properties of the new criticality and the practical application of these protocols to quantum error­ correcting codes. On the experimental side the discovery of "quantum many-body scars" in which non-integrable quantum systems show reviving time correlation functions and avoid thermalization now have many theoretical interpretations in terms of, for instance the confinement of emergent gauge theories. This conference will bring together researchers to address these challenges.