Theories, Experiments and Numerics on Gapless Quantum Many-body Systems

Coordinators: Ribhu Kaul, Zhu-Xi Luo, Aavishkar Patel and Alex Thomson

This conference will bring experts from different disciplines of physics and foster an active and productive interaction and discussion on various open questions regarding strongly correlated gapless quantum many-body systems. This conference hopes to improve our understanding on the following directions: 

  1. To resolve the current discrepancy on deconfined quantum critical point and quantum spin liquids from the perspective of numerical simulation, conformal bootstrap, and theoretical efforts. 
  2. New approaches for understanding compressible quantum liquids such as non-Fermi liquids. 
  3. Gapless quantum states involving generalized symmetries such as higher form symmetries. 
  4. Anomalies of symmetries and emergent symmetries of gapless states.
  5. Duality and its implications on quantum critical points.
  6. Recent experimental progress of strongly correlated gapless states, and their theoretical understanding.
  7. SYK physics and its application on real physical systems. 

The concentrated schedule of the conference will enable participation of condensed matter experimentalists and create a platform for productive exchanges with theorists.